Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Supa's Spotlight

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On spotlight again this week - here's Dory!! (Back by popular demand)

Truisms………..of a humanistic ……..nature..

1. sad but true, most spouses on a good day are still never as freaky as your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. if u put michael jordan on the clippers, would he still be mj or would he have been terry dehere or bo kimble u remember, hank gathers teammate/friend? just wondering?

3. wwf wrestling is fake, the wrestling done behind the trailer park that u see at blockbuster on video is not!

4. whenever a really horrible crime is committed by someone and the person isn’t a minority. u can best believe the media will give some analytical, psychological mumbo-jumbo reason for the act. never something like jeffrey dahmer liked eating n----- cause there were no good soul food places in town and because n----- taste like (biscuits, sweet potato pie, fried chicken, dressing, pork chops and watermelon all rolled into one.). or he tried eating crackers but they tasted too plain. (like rice cakes without salt). no, they’ll say something like it was because he lacked a certain enzyme in his brain that made him crave melanin with his eggs and toast.

5. every rich man, every rich man wants a "yes" wife! i know that sounds horrible to true feminists, but that’s a fact. true as cotton growing in the south. the only other acceptable word other than yes, that a rich man’s wife can use is "okay." which may imply agreement but denotes it less fully. i mean in the name of b.b. king, he’s paying the cost to be the boss! and for every female arguing out there right now about no man being the boss of her. And how important her freedom is to her, and that its priceless, yeah, yeah whatever say it with me he’s worth billions and billions of $$$ and he picked yo monkey a--, believe me when I say he wants u to go with the program. He’s not going to ask for much its not like u have to see him all the time maybe 10 times a month,(he’s usually working all over the nation/globe), u’ve got maids, butlers, chefs, gardeners, a 5 million dollar a month spending allowance, 12 cars, a 4000 sq ft. walk in closet in your main house and about a dozen homes scattered over the planet. what’s your reason for saying no to this again? This life or ….being true to women’s right and freedom? my money is on most women taking this life. if she doesn’t want it her girlfriend will scratch her eyes out to get it ….best believe.

That’s why I know that movie coming to america was b-s, ….no rich African king wants a young high maintenance African American woman. I’m wrong? Name an African king that supports your theory. ? call me when u come up with the name. He’d want her to be down for him having 10 more wives, and another 20-30 concubines. That’s why there was no part two, cause the movie made a grip of money. This is the movie if there had been a part two…..bear with me

(African voice) “Now that black American woman #&^$^*@! Took me for half my country.
and money…no more zamunda…she took half the name too…she took the zam and left me with …….unda….no good #@@*@^!)^%@$!? b----!)

6. why is it girlfriends generally act more like wives……while wives generally act like girlfriends. If u were an alien visiting this planet u would think the girlfriends are the more serious relationship of the two. A girlfriend will lend u two hundred dollars, a wife will lend u some advice, don’t forget yo wallet!!!

7. thugs, everybody and their mama wants to be a thug these days. There are very few real thugs like the rap songs speak about in america. Let me rephrase that- there are different levels of thugs, your true to the core thugs don’t live in America. U want a true thug talk to someone that speaks that hak-bar-ak-bar u, hear more that two haks, something is about to explode and someone is about to die. Or go to Africa, I watched those guerrilla fighters man they will kill u with yo mama standing by and with a news camera at the scene rolling. U can’t find a thug in America that will kill u with a news team right there. Not Africa, they have thugs that made the top ten list of all time thugs….like idi amin, now he was a thug. He killed his babies mama’s and showed the kids their mothers’ bodies after they were cut to pieces. Talk about not having any problems with yo kids , idi had no problems with those kids! since I’m telling this joke - that nigga is dead, right? I might have to google a death certificate …before telling this again.

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Note: Supa thought she'd give Dory the floor today, 'cause the thought of blogging about Scary Terry, the Down Low Brothas, Negroes.Crackas (Black.White), the media all up in Autum's shiznit, or the plight of the black man just made her head hurt...(check out these Blogger peeps' links on these topics)

Feedback, black people!

Happy Wednesday!!!


mrpunchcar said...

this bruh could write and he happens to be right. don't know about #2 though...jordan was so good he would still have been jordan - even on the clippers.

Anonymous said...

You know my irreverent self loves Dory. My favorite was ...

"Like jeffrey dahmer liked eating n----- cause there were no good soul food places in town and because n----- taste like (biscuits, sweet potato pie, fried chicken, dressing, pork chops and watermelon all rolled into one.). or he tried eating crackers but they tasted too plain."

LMBAO! If he had a standup show, I'd definitely attend.

P said...

I sware. . .

I am in love with Dory. He is my new BFF (Best Friend Forever)

1. Right on the money. I'm not married, but I have friends who are!

2. I can't believe he dug up Bo Kimble.

3. I've been to the WWF at the Staples Center (don't ask). Was whack in person. It's not even that loud AND there are NOT a lot of people in the audience, either. They bring every one to the front to make it appear crowded.

4. We know this is truth absolute.

5. This is so right. I've been telling women this since I had disposable diapers on. Bottom line, is, it doesn't matter if you DISAGREE with something, it only matters that it's fact. I don't like the fact that Daryl Strawberry keeps getting his black a$$ in jail and all of us feels like he's our own personal cousin everytime he goes back on crack, the FACT is that he does have a drug problem.

No rich man wants a woman who is going to give him a lot of grief. He wants food, he wants to get blowed, and he wants you to look good looking. Don't be fooled and think that Melania Trump is not selling something of herself to be married to the Donald. Doesn't mean he doesn't love her. But he IS the Donald.

6. This sheeat is just funny.

7. Yes, I work in corporate ameriKKA, and you should see all the fools around here that think they are hella cool. I'm like puhleeze, I grew up in L-Wood and C-House, I know people that can get all of your utilities shut off, your car lost and make you disappear, don't get it twisted.

Me said...

too funny ! the thing about rich men is true though

African girl, American world said...

oohhh on #1

and Coming to America just messed it all up for everybody!

Miz JJ said...

#5 made me laugh! This older lady at my work looks pretty normal, but she has a muslim last name. She's blond with blue hair and eyes so it's kinda strange. One day at lunch I'm talking to her and she's telling me how she met this dude one day and he was super rich. They moved to Dubai and she had it all. Ferarri's, nannies, yachts, the whole 9. And she gave it all up because he was cheating on her. I couldn't believe it. She moved back to Canada and now she works as a secretary. I was saying to one of my girls that he'd have to kill me to get rid of me. Cheat...I could ignore that shit. I would be flying to Europe shopping and taking care of my kids. I couldn't even believe that story. So some women do give it up, but I know I wouldn't.

Nichelle said...

Hey Supa,
Re: # 5 (no rich African king wants a young high maintenance African American woman. I’m wrong? Name an African king that supports your theory. ? )

I can't think of an African king, but the only actual black princess that I can think of is Princess Angela of Liechtenstein. Yep, she's real – and a Panamanian born fashion designer to boot! She married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (he's younger than she is and his family is reportedly wealthier than the British royal family.) They got married in Jan 2000 dead in the middle of Manhattan and no American newspaper (or gossip column!) covered it. Hmmm…

Single Ma said...

OMG! Dory is an excellent writer! Where's his book, cuz I'm buying!

obifromsouthlondon said...

what's supa? Alhaji Doctor idi amin dada. beyond thug. dude was so thugged out he used to eat his enemies to gain their strenght. heard last year one of his wives has/had a resturant in london here. wonder what they served?

dahmer aint got shit.

Miss Ahmad said...

I think I can agree with #5 but I'm not gonna limit it to rich men. I don't know a man alive that wants to hear about how he's NOT needed by a and believe that's a recipe for singledom...i know i've said it and now i live it! gonna learn to eat those words.

P said...


I understand what you are saying, but I'm going to have to go against the grain and say that there are always exceptions to the rule; and the exceptions prove the rule. . .

But nice article, though, maybe I should be so fortunate. . .

Nichelle said...

P: I'm not sure what you're getting at... I was just running with the royal thing... not sure we're on the same page. What did you think I was saying?

DPM said...

Awe, number 1 better not be true. Then again, it might be the reason why I ain't married. Then again, I try to make sure the next is freakier than the previous.

2. Blasphemy. Jordan was on the Clippers aka The Chicago Bulls! He made that team. Before that the Bulls sucked!

3. Yes, I tragically found this out years ago. All wresting is fake. Even those videos. UFC is the read deal!

4. I heard Nat Turner had a thing for sour cream and at the time of his rebelion there was a shortage... (I'mma stop myself there).

5. (I'm not knowing his biz)

6. N.A.

7. For the record, I think "Jack Johnson was the original thug. He had furs, cars, a gold grill, scilla, and he paraded his white girls around during a time when it was illegal. He was shot at on several occasions and to top it off, not only was he intimadating, he could beat yo ass.

Ever since Jack Johnson, thugs--world wide--have been trying to keep up.

jameil1922 said...

wow... lol w/the girlfriends thing, that's b/c they're tryin to become wives, wives and got to do all that b/c they already got him.

and if you watch "the real housewives of orange county," you will definitely see proof of that yeah how bout you just shut up and spend my money. one dude's hubby came home and told her to get implants... and she did. this other dude wanted the girl to just stay at home pretty much all the time and was like... but what do you have to complain about? you have it made.

Knockout Zed said...

Hella excellent post. Mad funny!


Will Wash said...

great post except wrestling is not fake. Do you really think they were born ugly like that. God didn't do that, the Rock did.

great post.