Friday, March 31, 2006


You I can't even find the words right now. I am so thankful. I am sooo very grateful. I've read all of the comments to that last post and I cried and cried and smiled and cried some more, and laughed and nodded my head, and felt the embraces and absorbed every WORD. EVERY SINGLE WORD. Words can heal. Words can heal and soothe and try to help you understand. They can. I'm a believer. From the bottom of my soul, thank you. I might be rambling, but I don't think ya'll really understand how your comments have helped me get through the last 24 hours. Honestly. Someone posted a comment saying how amazing it is, to be able to click on the computer and read someone's words and life, and actually feel them. That is amazing, and for that I'm also grateful. It's an honor. To be able to share an experience with another. I KNOW I am NOT ALONE. Thank you to those who sent me private messages, too. For those who were just passing through, and felt compelled to offer me words of encouragement. I'm overwhelmed by it all. Thank you for keeping me close, and in your prayers. Please don't stop. My heart is heavy and I'm trying to work some stuff out. But for now, be blessed. And pick up the phone, send an email, call your peeps, do whatever, and just let 'em know that you love them. I'll go first: Love ya'll.


PS - West Coast Blogger nite is still happenin'. I don't know why the hell ya'll trying to cancel, when you know I really need my peeps around and a double martini...(smile) We'll toast to Karen.

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