Sunday, May 07, 2006

Supa Weekend Wrap-Up!

when they ask you
why your momma so funny
she a poet
she don't have no sense...
- Lucille Clifton

(Note: this is a long ass photoblog, bear with me, breakin' in my new Treo!)

So, check it: When a sista is at the pad, barking out chore orders at the RR's, blastin' Bebel Gilberto & DP's afrobrazilian mixCD's too damn loud, checking movie times online, crip walking around the house while intermittently bustin' out in obscure Pharcyde rhymes - a sista's feelin' better!

Yes, Blogger Fam, it's true! I'm finally over the evil flu (& to-the-bone exhaustion) and feeling kinda supa again! (Thanks to God, a week off work, and enough fluids to hydrate a small country). And yo!! Just in time too, 'cause Supa and the RR's had a fucking fabulous weekend! Straight up rithikulous. So much good shit, where DO I begin...?

Let's start here: After years of hard work and planning and setbacks - one of Supa's close SupaSisterFriends (and Supa's bomb hair braider) finally realized her dream of opening her own salon!! So big ups to Mahogany Braid Boutique, wonderfully located in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles. It's been a long journey (8 years) and the Supa Friends collective are sooo happy and proud of her. It's so encouraging and inspiring to see sistas (and black folk) do well in the small business/entrepreneurial arena, yeah? Especially this sista, 'cause she's got mad skills. Look:
(photo shoot from last year - she's back row, third from da left)

Her work has been featured in magazines, and she's even plaited some Hollywood folk, or two or three...('aint droppin' no names) She does it all: individuals, locs, conrows, twists, weaves, etc., all ages, races, and head sizes...(lol!) When we get her website up and running, I'll be sure to put up the link. The grand opening will be in June.

And then, Supa and the RR #2 (RR#1 was still at the pad, primping..) stumbled upon a carnival/block party, also in the Black Greenwich Village, given as a fundraiser for one of the neighborhood charter schools. (View Park Preparatory - located in "south central" LA, ranked as one of the best accelerated charter schools in the state, I'm told. Yes, the RR's are on the waiting list)

It was your typical "Saturday spring afternoon, good food-and-festivities, beautiful-black-people out-living-laughing-and-having-mad-fun" type joints.

There were children learning how to fly:

(Ruff Ryder #2, lil' supa in training)

little brothas runnin' some ball.....

jewelry for Supa to buy.....

Saturday night was the big FIGHT party at my girl and her hubby's pad.

(go 'head on, Oscar, you kicked that ass)

(Supa & anotha SupaFriend, and my godbaby I finally held!)

Yeah, it was a full house, and ya girl was actin' all grown; drinking, laughing, parlayin', and shit-talkin', while no less than 50 kids ran all throughout the damn house. (Quote of the night: "Ya'll kids - stay in the back!!")

Remember those days, when your parents and their friends were partyin' & drankin' all loud in the "front," and you couldn't do SHIT but stay in the "back" with all the other rowdy ass kids? Yep. Good times! Supa remembers one time while in attendance at some 'grown-up' party when she was about 10, she pushed some stinky boy out of a window (screen only), and the whole "Back Room Crew" got in trouble...but yo, he shouldn't have tried to kiss me.

Anyway, Ruff Ryder #1 actually got paid for keepin the underage posse in check on Sat. night. When I peeked in on 'em, there were about 6 kids tugging on his frame ("play ball with me, what's the cheat code for this, how you do that...") His ass was tired that night, trust! Good kid, that boy. Now if he'd only shower on the regular....

Sunday: Free jazz concert in the park. Me and Auntie rolled out sans the RR's. First, lunch at my fave Jamaican joint: Then, the enterainment.

Wonderful line-up; one particular act, these cats from Mali (one drummer, one vocalist) smashed it. I mean like, brought tears to my eyes, smashed it.

Beautiful vibes, beautiful day. Supa was just kickin' back, basking in the sun and enjoying the scene!

Then, yo: the drum circle. Man...

Shit was fiyah. Ya girl caught the rhythm and damn near sweated out her perm. (ha ha, if I had one!)

Got back to the pad, feelin' good but had to put my foot in some asses 'cause chores still weren't done.... (Sweep, boy! Sweep!)

(check The Girl, trynta play like she's still sick)

and The Pooch got herself some new specs, compliments of The Girl.

Other miscellaneous worthwile news: Got my new book cover proof back from the graphic designer (I like, I like!); and...(drum roll)...turns out Supa will soon be getting a room mate. And, it's a man. (gasp!) I'll let ya'll marinate on that fo' a minute.... (snickering)

Supa, out! 'Bout to get ready for the work week at the CSS. Hope everyone had a great weekend! (note to self: Thinkin' this blog might be enough for the whole week...)

That is all, carry on.

PS - Oooh! One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is on - the one when the little girl falls out her bed and gets lost...some fucking where. 'Bout to peep! (for the six hundreth time)


Anonymous said...

Awww...your God son is so damn could you just not hold him? Girl, I'd steal that baby if I had the chance (spoken like a true single woman with no kids).

Lovely weekend, indeedy. Congrats on your new book cover (whimpy voice: "I wanna a book cover...").

And, no, this post ain't enough for the week! LOL Nice try, tho. Since I just wrote an Illiad-length Bougie event double-post, me thinks I'll try that ish...LOL

Supa said...

Hey Cocoa! Yes, my godson is hella cute. And he has that "baby smell" that I love...but I gave him back, no problem. Trust!!

You'll get your book cover, soon enuff. Bout to mosey on over to your spot...

Zlogical said...

What a weekend story! Again you had me feeling your words, humor etc. It was like I was there. Oh I feel you on the hard head one's not doing their house chores--it's like they have a deaf ear to anything with work unless it has a dollar sign attached LOL. Will the reprint of your book have anything new? I believe my three year book contract is up soon, too. Anyways Supa as always much love and respect to you.

P said...

You do more before nine AM before most people do ALLL day!

PS: I love that twilight zone episode.

I also like the one where the man is trying to decode the book "To Serve Man". Turns out it's a cookbook.

Also, the one where the really pretty lady thinks she's really ugly. I think it's called beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love your house. It looks so airy. Do you want a ruff ryder #3? I clean up after myself and can cook too.

Supa said...

Hi, Zlogical! *waving*

Yo, P: TO SERVE MAN is anotha one of my twilight zone favorites! Also - TIME ENOUGH AT LAST, where all the poor dude wanted to do was read all. And, THE AFTER HOURS, where ole girl was a mannequin (sp?), but she forgot about it when it was her turn to be human... can you tell I'm a TZ fanatic???

Why er'body wanna be a Ruff Ryder #3?! You betta talk to #1 & #2 to get the real deal - this momma 'aint no joke. :)

But u can come cook for me, sho thang....

P said...

Oh. Now since I 'fount' out that you aint' no joke, I'll just come over while you're at work and play in your makeup and run up your phone number playing on 976 lines.

Girl, I am a TZ fanatic. I have to MAKE myself do my errands when the marathon is on. I really do.

Dee said...

sounds like your weekend was hella cool!!!!

theese kids of mine hate it when I get up at o'dark thirty cracking the whip!!!!!

male roomate huh????? do tell!!!! you know i'm nosey as hell!!!!!!!

dpm said...

I'm RR3! Ain't no mo! :)

I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I hope that DPizM tea helped you out.
Interesting... One day I feel out of my bed and I was "On the Verge." Hmmmm? I thought it was just me. Oh well...

Do it big Supa! The world needs you!

Big D said...

This Derek from fight can I be down?

Miss Ahmad said...

it sure was a beautiful weekend, glad to hear you had a good time in the sun!

nikki said...

my but you people are like the most beautiful folk i've ever seen!

glad to hear you're over the flu. it sucks to be sick this time of the year.

on a side note, my younger brother is in san diego and he's looking for some black folk functions. you know if any in that area or someone he could contact? any help would be much appreciated. he's from the atl, so he's suffering major withdrawal.

Supa said...

Hey Nikki!!

Hit me up off blog @

I have a girl in the SD who might be able to help. OR better yet, gwaan over to DEE's blog (Diva in Scrubs), she's from Daygo! I know she knows some spots.

nikki said...

thanks! i'll hit you up on email and check out diva, too! i'm sure aswad (that's his name) will be in your area at some point.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Wow Supa, sounds like you had a blast! All of the pics are fab and I am too mad at yall DIVAS posing @ the photo shoot. Girl yall are too much for me [smile].

Your little godson is just too cute. I just love little babies.

LMAO @ "Ya'll kids - stay in the back!!" Too funny!

African girl, American world said...

I was happily clicking on the link thinking I was gon see the new book cover *false advertising* LOL.

Don't you just love when everything comes together? Nothing like a good weekend.

Congrats to sista girl for the new shop - don't forget to link so I can send some people over there.

new roomate? tell.

And I'm with for the week - UNACCEPTABLE! :)

obifromsouthlondon said...

diggin' the last pic big time. bella you are beautiful. wouldn't know how to behave around you ;)

had a Treo back in the day. got stolen :(

Anonymous said...

BTW, no can do the Twilight Zone. That theme music and b/w sheyot always had me scurred.

What about the episode when the guy was sentenced to nobody acknowleding/speaking to him for one year? He thought that shyt was a slap on the wrist until it started to play out...

That shyt has kept me out of jail (with the exception of that one minor incident) to this day...

Just kidding...hehehe

Knockout Zed said...

Seinfeld: Remember that Twilight Zone where everybody's different and the guy is the only normal one?

Kramer:Which one?

Seinfeld: I don't know!!! All of 'em are the same!!!


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Ok damn all the frilly talk - I'm mad cuz I'm all late n'shit...WHAT'S THIS ABOUT A MALE ROOMMATE????

Saturday night you will have my undivided attention!!! And yo ass BETTA show up!!! I know where you live (wait turn left on WHICH STREET??) HAHAHAHA...

Supa said...

@ the Phoenix: those streets run parallel.... lmao!

Hey, Obie-love! Sucks about your Treo...:(

LadyE said...


I love your blog. It inspired me to start my own. If you get a chance visit when you can.
It is a little rough around the edges, but if you have any advice I would appreciate it. I joined the blogs by black women and I am trying to figure out how to post the link on my site, any advice would be truly appreciated. Keep doing your thang girl! Thanks!

dp said...


glad you liked the CD set. disk #4 is my fave.

Free said...

You did NOT have to show the picture of food. Made me have to go rummaging thru the kitchen! haha

(And you know Poochie gone get you back about them glasses, don't you?)