Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Supa Spotlight: Road Rage

Supa's gonna let Dory have the floor today!


Road rage….I think I finally figured out why so many people in southern California have road rage. I know its not a local phenomenon, but having driven the other day in the rain…..

It hit me like a ton of bricks, people in southern California cannot drive. If you’re the exception , fine whatever. And even if you can drive, its not the time to multi-task, people. The DMV must be handing out driver’s licenses like krispy kreme hands out donuts. Folks are cheating they gotta be cause people treat rain and fog like they can ignore it away or deny that its raining…..oh, I’ll drive faster . Racing the rain and fog, and the one that really gets me is people who ride their brakes downhill. Who don’t know how to coast down a hill. Or people who don’t know that there is a fastlane, its not a rumor. How bout people who get in the left lane and signal at the light that they’re about to turn as they enter the intersection. So u end up stuck behind them for five minutes.

And u know how tiger woods took over golf. Nascar will never, ever have to worry about someone from this region coming out of nowhere and taking over nascar. Its never going to happen, folks just can’t drive. I’m not saying I’m the greatest driver, but having learned to dodge, steer, on windy (substandard roads…that’s a road that is actually not large enough for two vehicles to pass at the same time) with no shoulders, in the rain, fog and with sleet on the road. I do feel somewhat at an advantage to folks who basically get ideal conditions to drive in 80-90 percent of the time, and they still can’t drive. And cellphones are as bad as drinking two forties to the head for some folks.

Some of the most retarded driving folks I have ever seen. Treat rain like as if its nothing, like because their car has anti-lock brakes they can disregard the fact that the road is now slippery and doesn’t take corners very well. (duh!) As if its some figment of their imagination. And they do some of the most assynine things u can imagine. I saw a woman recently on the freeway driving 40 mph in the fastlane putting on her makeup and talking on a cellphone, weaving in and out of the lane, cars whipping by her.

Recently (no names) a person who works at my job was injured in a car accident. And like most times when u hear someone was in an accident you wanna know what happened. (wait till u hear this s**t) . This person got a flat while driving in the fast lane, and decided to change the tire there. (right by the fastlane). At nighttime, instead of getting to the shoulder in the slow lane or the even better option of exiting the freeway. No this person wanted to change the tire right there early in the morning, when most people are either half sleep, have been drinking or both. This individual is really fortunate to be alive. Another co-worker talked to this person and was told that while changing the tire the person driving the other car was drunk or didn’t see the car until it was too late. The car was struck and knocked into this individual who woke up in the hospital. Fortunately, to only a severely broken arm (shattered the bone).

Everyone’s rushing to get somewhere, shouldn’t you, wouldn’t you think the main point is to get there. Death kinda complicates that, ….pump yah brakes folks. And the next time you’re rolling in your nice ride, be happy to not be on the bus or blueline. Don’t gloat about it, cause chances are you’re not in the catbird seat you think you are! Cause some dummy is probably on the freeway practicing for the new test dummy job that dodge, chevy and ford are giving out applications for!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ya'll sound worst than folks from Jersey!!!

Supa said...

We are known to get a bit reckless out here in the Wild Wild West....

"ghost ride the whip!"

Anonymous said...


BTW, um...

Have you bought Sassy those doggie steps?!!??!! Just asking.

I have to post on Alexa, but she has been wearing my azz out! She throws her body against my bedroom door no later than 6a EVERY morning. Oh, and lets not forget the meows!!!!

She only eats Max Cat, Nutro line, which is some expensive sheyot (85 cents a can). Her favorite flavor is 'Savoy Hunter's Stew with Venison." She turned up her nose to PurinaOne (drug store sheyot) and stopped eating...to the point of where she backed up!

She has broken my Burberry perfume (hated it, anyway!) and a plate...I didn't even know that the beyotch could clear the kitchen counter!

There's so much more to tell, but I'm exhausted. She's real cute, tho.

Nevertheless, ayudame!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that's "savory" hunter's stew...

Thing is, cats are not intimidated like dogs. I tried to shake her and she just looked at me like "B!tch, put me down."

I did and she just sauntered off...


Zlogical said...

Like you said Supa--it's not just Cali. I don't even have to repeat a line.

After driving in different countries around the world I must say that Americans are more foolish drivers, but nothing compared to Korea--it's get in where you fit in literally. I had to drive like a fool over there in order to survive.

In order to survive you have to be aware of foolish drivers at all times, and anticipate their foolishness. It's not that I'm calling anyone a fool, but people do foolish things on the road.

In Germany if you blinked too long in the fast lane (driving slow), someone flashes you and you better get out of the way or else get creamed. I miss driving fast and smart legally.

The best driving I experienced was in Italy.
Africa was fun, too, buat all I got to drive was trucks on sand ridden roads (never drove in the city)so I can't compare it.

England, well after I got use to driving on the left hand side of the road from the passenger side of the vehicle it was all good.

All in all I saw foolish driving every where, but I more fatal crashes overseas compared to the U.S.

P.S. Maybe you ought to find the statistics and give us a blog on the facts verses your observation. That would be interesting.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Jus stopping by to show some luv!

Girl you were so right about the tat addiction. I didn’t believe when you first said, but the proof is on my back (smile).

chris said...

i can't stand when people drive crazy...especially in the rain.

jameil1922 said...

stop it! that's a fake story! hahahaha. i know i shouldn't laugh but who regardless of the city tries to change a tire in a lane?

Free said...

I HEARD about the drivers there, but didn't know it was that bad. Supposedly, AZ has some of the most polite drivers ("polite" not competent!) Girl, I saw a man with a shaver up to his face the other day... I love this: "Everyone’s rushing to get somewhere, shouldn’t you, wouldn’t you think the main point is to get there. Death kinda complicates that."

tsk tsk tsk!