Thursday, May 04, 2006

Supa on Flics: What the (bleep) Do We Know?

Synopsis: What the (bleep) Do We Know is a radical departure from convention. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown, indeed, not even dreamed of since Copernicus. It's a documentary. It's a story. It's mind-blowing special effects. This film plunges you into a world where quantum uncertainty is demonstrated - where neurological processes, and perceptual shifts are engaged and lived by its protagonist - where everything is alive, and reality is changed by every thought...


The positive aspect of Supa being on this forced hiatus (aka "the evil flu!") is that she's been getting a fair amount of reading, writing, and movie watching done! Always fun. At any rate - viewing this flic was actually given to me as an assignment a few years back; I was studying existentialism and other forms of progressive thought, and was instructed that I wouldn't fully grasp some of the concepts until I familiarized myself with the science of quantum physics.

Hunh, right?!

Well, five minutes into this flic, my brain damn near had a spiritual/intellectual orgasm - I mean, how could it not, when it teased & aroused me with questions like this:

- How can you continue to see the world as real, if the self that is determining it to be real, is intangible?

- Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of someone else that you have become..and looked at yourself though the eyes of the ultimate observer?

- Why do we keep recreating the same reality? Why do we keep having the same relationships? Why do we keep getting the same jobs, over and over again? Is it possible we're so conditioned to our daily conditioned to the way we create our lives, that we buy into the idea that we have no control at all?.... In this infinite sea of potential that exist around us, how come we keep recreating the same realities?

- Is there a possibility that all potentials exist side by side? Are all realities existing simultaneously?

- We've been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal one. This new model of science is just the opposite. It says: What's happening within us will create what's happening outside of us.

So, if this is the type of shit that gets you off in an intellectual sense, I highly recommend this movie. It's been categorized as "spiritual cinema," and most of the reviews I've read either claim it as genius, or condemn it as garbage. A few members of my writing crew watched it, and we still can't stop talking about it. (And the fact that some of the dopest concepts are being dropped on the viewer by a 10yr old black boy, made it especially endearing to me!) It has the potential to open you up and challenge yourself and your conditioned thought processes - and encourages you to realize that "the real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery."

Free yo' mind...and all that good shit.

PS - I Heart Huckabees is this movie's cousin, except it takes the more humorous approach to the examination of the human condition. (love. that. movie. too!)


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Put the spoon down and back away from the cold medication...v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y.

((LQQkin @ Supa all twisted like she crazy))

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

btw, YAY! I'm first! (and second)

Cocoa Girl said...

Hell, yeah, Phoenix!!!!

Supa - Do we need an intervention...


Cocoa Girl said...

I'm sorry...I'm back!

What the frik is up with that cover??? It's SO Rosemary's Baby...

Ok, I'm gonna quit before I get cold cussed out...

onecoolhoney said...

I've yet to see that 'I Heart Huckabees,' but I should be having a bit more free time for "extracurricular" activities soon and I have it on my list. Adding this one as well (throwed cover and all).

You know I like this kinda stuff though. I've thought about some of those things myself, particularly as it relates to my writing, and I actually do have some theories. But as for the main premise, I agree that some of what occurs externally is based on the internal. Not all, though. Some of that shit is just too random.

P said...


I'm feeling you, man.

This was part of the Curriculum for Living that I went to. You know, the weekend expedition that caused me to miss the first annual WCBH convention.

By the way. . .The Phoenix swears I ran off and pulled a Jim Jones that weekend. No, I did not. It was just a very concentrated course that talked about stuff similar to what you are talking about. Kind of like "There is no spoon" sheeat from the matrix.

It was not psychological (I DON'T DO PSYCHOLOGY)


I loved it.

Really, doe - Is you still on your meds? (Yes, I DID say is you.)

Supa said...

Yeah, I'm still on the theraflu, but SO?! This is a damn good movie!

See what happens when you try to free n*ggas minds!!



dom said...

Word. I loved that flick! I think it touched on what we don't think about and how we can manifest our fears just as we can manifest our dreams.

It's my belief We got through life often ignoring the energy we exude and we carelessly find ourselves in cycles or "stuck mode."

The flip side is that can and often find ourselves "Lucky" or "Blessed."

In sum, I think it's all about consciously addressing the omnipotent we refer to as God, Allah, Jah, etc...

It's a real force that we can tap into if we choose to. It's an energy. In a nutshell, life is what YOU make it and there is an infinite resource or energy to assist us or hold us back.

Do it Big!

mrpunchcar said...

saw both of these. mental orgasms for real.


African girl, American world said...

I read the back of this movie on day up in Blockbuster and thought jackpot for the husband.

I got it and he's still raving bout it to this day....

this was one of those...I'm good baby, watch it and tell me all about it later...LOL


Miss Ahmad said...

Excellent excellent movie Supa, I have seen it a number of times and always learn more each time.

if you like that movie you might like Deepak Chopra's book, Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. Which also deals in the realm of Quantum Physics, with a strong spiritual core.

This would be one of the books that I would put up there with the Power of Now, as far as dropping pure knowledge.

I love love love quantum physics and nerd out on that stuff on the regular!

Knockout Zed said...

I didn't watch "What The Bleep Do We Know" all the way through, maybe I shoulda. But I did see "I Heart Huckabees". I feel ya on that one.