Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your True Colors?

Okay. Since that last post, I've been getting a few emails about auras and where to get readings and all that stuff...and I see ya'll 'aint got shit else to do, hunh? (lol!) Anyway, my suggestion is: if you are genuinely interested in auras and other methaphysical pursuits, I'd advise you to find someone who comes HIGHLY recommended (by someone you trust!), who is familiar with your area of interest. Just 'cause that fool with the change cup at the swapmeet says he's psychic...don't necessarily make it so....

Meanwhile, if you're just a lil' curious, here's an Aura Colors Test for you to play around with. (if this isn't the direct link, click on the left side where it says "test.") Supa zoomed though hers real fast, and suprisingly my results were pretty close to my in-person reading I received years ago..

After you obtain your results, you can refer to this guide, which claims to give you insight into your personality, relationship & parenting styles, and suggestions for your life's work.

Supa's aural colors (equal mix of strong violet, yellow, magenta, crystal and abstract tan) are said to reveal/represent:

~ When centered: happy, optimistic, up-beat, positive, friendly, outgoing and generous

~ When uncentered: fickle, undisciplined, lazy, irresponsible and procrastinators
(check check!)

~When centered, they are natural, receptive conduits for pure, healing energy

~When uncentered, they can easily feel befuddled, disoriented, and psychically overwhelmed by other people’s energy. They then feel the need to withdraw from life to replenish themselves. (working on this!!)

~Hate being told what to do; they are rebels (check check check cheeecck)

~Tend not to function on linear time like most people; they have difficulty paying attention to schedules, clocks, and calendars (SEE!!!!)

~Very sexual, passionate, flirtatious and frisky (wink)

~Nonconformist, bizarre, eccentric, unique, flamboyant, zany, weird, and outlandish (cheeeck)

~Unpredictable, energetic and spontaneous

~Free-spirited, freedom-loving, adventurous, love to travel

~Like being around people but tend to be loners

~They know they are here to do something important to help uplift humanity and the planet (check)

~They need an equal partner who shares in their visions and won’t hold them back (CHECK)

~ Like partners who are decisive and protective yet patient, allowing and unintimidating

~Can remain single for a long time because of potential trauma of a strong emotional connection

~They have an incredible capacity to store random bits of factual information (ding ding ding!)

~Tend to be cheerful, optimistic, fun-loving parents but also undependable and undisciplinary (uhh..check?)

~They have a message to share with the world and feel a strong inner push to express it.

So! Report back and let me know ya'lls funky colors! (and don't lie on the stupid test!)Did any of it ring true for you? Supa's curious...

(Shout out to Brave Lurker, who shared her "color"!!)


Brave Lurker said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'se special!!!! Girl, I took the test and I'm a tie between violet and blue w/ a strong green. I guess the woman who told me she saw yellow was either off or I've evolved. Hmmm???

onecoolhoney said...

I also scored equally between violet and green. Very on point. (I love these)

Knockout Zed said...

I'm a freakin' violet. How the hell did that happen?


Anonymous said...

I am a violet with green, sensitive tan, and some yeloow mixed in. Interesting....

Supa said...


Violet, hunh Zeddie??

Supa said...

@ Brave: from what I've been told, I don't think auras change that least not too drastically

P said...

This thing is cool.

Of course, I actually clicked on my two favorite colors, first (yellow and red), and, after reading them, I was like "This is not really me". I was all hot and sheeat.

Anyway, that's when I finally decided to follow Sup's instructions and take the test.

I found out that I am an:

- Environmental Tan (10)
- Violet (9)
- Blue (10)

All of these got either a nine or a ten score.

Yellow had a seven, so I guess I am kinda sorta one.

This was a Supa (hehe) cool Test.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Ok, I usually say I hate these tests, but this one was DEAD ON!!

Here are my results:

-Blue (11)
-Green (9)
-Blue (9)
-Magenta/Indigo/Crystal (8)

And I have a RED OVERLAY (which describes me perfectly - it's kinda scary).

I scored VERY low on the other colors. Sounds like I've got a lot goin on...I always knew I was a tad bit complicated...

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

OOPs...that second blue was supposed to be Sensitive Tan (9)

Supa said...

Word, Phoenix and P!

I'm actually surprised how accurate this is. Especially since I had an in-person reading initially, which is basically the same revelation of this test, more of less.

Guess if you know yourself and answer honestly, it gives you a pretty honest picture.

Miss Ahmad said...

My very good friend was developing a TV show with Pam a while back! She is the absolute truth! At that time he was coming in Green but wanted more Green in his life, meaning more money.

He's a retired millionaire at 35 now, and he swears that working with Pam lead to that.

I tried to take the test but it was taking too long!

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Nisa stop being lazy and go back to take the's long but worth it!!!

EmergingPhoenix said...

I love this aura test. My results were:

Yellow - 10
Violet - 9
Sensitive Tan - 8
Indigo - 8

It's funny because they are all on point for me. In my life I feel like I started as a Sensitive Tan, my Yellow emerged, my violet soon followed, and the Indigo, feels like it was always there gnawing at me. It's also interesting, because not to long ago, I stumbled across and began to research a new group of people who identify themselves as "Indigo". Maybe I still have 1 or 2 more lives to go through before my Indigo aura is completely evolved...

Free said...

I'm Yellow and Crystal. Interesting. I think it nailed me on most points, but I also think that on some of the questions, I wasn't always as honest as I could have been.

Supa said...

Hey, glad everyone enjoyed the test!

Hey Emerging!!!