Friday, May 05, 2006

Divine Encounters & the Power of the Internet

This is kinda cool. There are a few posts I've done that consistently provide a gang of feedback into my email box - silly shit like jury duty woes and my tendency to be screenin' fools... but the hottest one so far has been My Black History Project. Folks write and hit me up for more information, to share their stories, and to let me know how this piece inspired them to start their own journey of tracing their roots... (good shit)

So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this in my inbox not too long ago:

Dear Sis,I am Hassan from Jos, Nigeria and I am a Fulani. You are so beautiful and really I can see strong Fulani resemblance, and your mom is a queen. If you want to know more about the Fulani, these are my email addresses: May the Almighty 'GENO' (God)in Fulfulde/Pulaar, that is Fulani language; bless you.

So, I'm here to report that brotha Hassan and I have been in email contact, him blessing me with an intricate knowledge, language, history, etc. of the Fulani people, and I sharing the black American experience with him from a supa perspective. Cool. Shit.

A divine reminder that our words carry power and meaning, and that the "innanet" is such a bomb ass tool, with the potential to connect with people we might not have ever had the opportunity to encounter. And yes, that means over and beyond simply trolling the net for some ass! (no Zeddie, not you. Never you.) lol!!

So go find you a Nigerian to email with, Blogger Fam!!! (Supa wonders if he's Djimon cute.....) ha haa ha

Happy Fucking Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

A divine reminder that our words carry power and meaning

That is so hot Supa! That post was truly fascinating for me becuase it was something that I never thought to do and never thought existed for the likes of anyone outside of Opie and Jordan.

You should be proud of yourself for thinking to share the experience:) Thanks again.

Knockout Zed said...

You know, for the record I've NEVER had a successful internet date. Not one piece of booty!

It's beautiful how this thing can connect us across the world.

*but it can't promise us coochie*

Did I say that out loud?


Diva said...

You did not say "go find you a Nigerian to email with"! LOL That just threw off the whole post. LOL

African girl, American world said...


I'm still not over that side by side comparison you did with the pictures of you and Fulani woman....amazing!

And I agree with Cocoa..that was one powerful statement.

Free said...

Whoo-ee! Hassan, huh? Hmmm... Sounds interesting. Imagine being in contact with someone who can fill in the blanks.

Damn, I missed your crazy ass, girl. Like I told Brutha Code, I have some serious catching up to do with my blog buddies.


dp said...

on a similiar note, Black folks are using DNA twchnology to drill down their roots to tribes on the continent.

Supa said...