Monday, May 15, 2006

Supa Spiritual Snack...

What it be like, Blogger Fam?? Supa's busy today, tied up with work & meetings & other C.S.S. related ish...At any rate, hope everyone had a great weekend! (I did) And a Happy belated Momma's Day to all. It was a challenge for me, but ya girl made it through. (Losing my Supa Mommy has been such a beautiful tragedy...and thank you Supa Auntie for honoring her with me :)

Here's a little inspirational quote that caught my eye this morning.

Consider this amazing possibility: You incarnated on this earth just to experience the joy of being alive. Do you even know what gives you joy? Do something about that today.

Go forth and be alive & joyous, people! Feel free to comment on what brings you joy!
Supa, out handling her shit & returning soon to a blog near you!!

Update: The Supa Pad is still sans tasty liquid refreshments - Ms. Mom is on strike, fools! (least 'till this evening when I finally hit Trader Joes. And don't misunderstand, there are unlimited amounts of water available, should a Ruff Ryder need a drank....)


P said...

I like this post.

Happiness and Joy is two different things.

Happiness can be dissipated any way the wind blows (a new car, a cute person flirting with you, whatever), brings happiness.

Joy comes from within. It is something that cannot be fabricated. It permeates from your pores and it is oh so obvious. You cannot clone nor produce it.

Sidebar: What is "C.S.S."

Supa said...

HEY P!!!!! You so purrtty... :)

C.S.S. = Corporate Slave Ship.

Shall I start a sidebar glossary of Supa phrase-"ology?"

P said...

@ Sup:

Purty: Hell, you own the mofo show.

CSS. I like that. That's all me, over here, baby.

And yes, please do a sidebar of phraseology. . .

Zlogical said...

What makes me happy? I don't know anymore--see I have been running after dreams for so long I don't know if it's real or not. I guess I'll keep running on the memory card that I initially charged up a few years ago in pursuit of apple pie LOL. I thought C.S.S. was short for Cascading Style Sheets for website design--Supa you just be making up stuff LOL--I like it though--good one.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

ok yall done blowin each other' heads???

LMAO @ "there are unlimited amounts of water available, should a Ruff Ryder need a drank" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Did the Princess get her eats before she passed out Saturday night? HAHAHAHA...po thang!

African girl, American world said...

There go Enclyclopedia P dropping knowledge again :)

Life gives me joy, even when shit gets hard, I sit back and know I'm alive!

One of my favorite qoutes is from the desiderata - "With all it's sham and drugery, it is still a beautiful world"

Give Supa Auntie an extra hug for me for being so SUPA!!

jameil1922 said...

SIGH. just shove my life goal in my face please. figure out what gives me joy. other than being w/my friends. unfortunately you can't do that 24-7 anymore now that i'm out of college. i don't wanna be grown no more!!!!!!!!!

i am she said...

The most immediate and important thing that brings me joy outside of my family, is knowing I'm accomplishing some lifelong goals.

When you experience tragedy in your life, it can all be so bittersweet, but you know that it's their energy and light that's shining on you.

That's what keeps me going daily...

PS: Great Question!

Miss Ahmad said...

my God is my source of joy, happiness is often a passing thought or experience, but joy is a gift from God, not unlike love or life itself!

it was great to see you!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wake up and - no matter what's going on in my life -I see the sun and feel a great sense of peace, purpose and gratefulness.

That's when I know that it's joy and that it's truly a gift from God. It's something that I know I couldn't feel on my own.

Supa said...

My joy comes from experiencing life (loss, love, beauty, wonder, awe, sadness, struggles, etc)
and then writing about it.

"No day is more important than this one"!

HI @ I Am She! Welcome!

Supa said...

Thanks ya'll!

Hey Glam! Good seeing u too, ma!