Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Big Three Hunnid!

my whole life is real
morning, noon, and nights is real
what I spit and write is real
my own life is ill!
a fantastic beautiful mess
a [sista] in america, the usual stress
life goin in every direction
but rewind...
~ Mos Def, "Life is Real"

So check it. It's ya girl Supa's 300th post. (whaaatt?!) Wow. Dammit, what a journey. And I've been trying for a whole week to write a post and touch on everything I wanted say. But you know what? I couldn't. It was just too much. The happenings of this last year (the good, the bad, the all of it!) are just too broad to be contained in one post. So hit up those archives!(and more new news to come.....)

Just suffice it to say that Life is Real! Ya girl has come a looonng way. I'm grateful. For real for real. Peep my most recent gratitude list:

good health
RR#1 and #2
my ride-or-die family and friends
waking up in the morning
being off work and really enjoying life
being in school
the ability to feel and think and write
the new friends I'm making
the new things I'm learning
the new life I'm leading
being single and happy and free
being able to pay my bills
living in this country
having options and infinite possibilities
being me
having a house, a car, a computer & a comfortable life
this day

And I'm grateful to all the readers, lurkers, regulars, friends, fam bam, lovers, and haters who help keep my supa cyber-world spinnin'.

Real talk. Love ya'll fools.

btw- what's on your gratitude list?

Supa, out!


Knockout Zed said...

I'm listening to that Mos Def CD in my car right now. Good taste!

I'm thankful for hot women bloggers.


African girl, American world said...

@Zed what about us regular looking women bloggers???? LOL!!!

You look so pretty and happy in that picture J.

And I love how your computer made that list...very necessary.

HAPPY 300th!!!!! Yay!!! I've read every single does that mean I have too much time on my hands? LOL.

My gratitude list:

My health
My babies
My husband
My family
My mind
My job
My pretty stress free life
My beautiful mess

And the fact that I did not get killed trying to buy a PS3 *sigh*

Phat_In_Phoenix said...

Happy that I exist
good, bad or indifferent
just happy to BE

oh and happy that supa laid out the theraputic couch..big ups 2 u 4 allowing me 2 share...i'll b n touch.



Miz JJ said...

300 is an achievement. Congrats!

I am grateful for:
*My Mom
*The rest of the fam
*My sanity
*My health
*My girls who keep me sane.

I love grateful lists.

Skinnyman said...

Supa, you are truly Super Duper; yesterday, today and always. Happy 300th!

Gotta refer to a movie title for my gratitude list: me, you and everyone we know...oh yeah and everything and anything, too.

OneSexyBajan said...

My Life - Today I Live!
My Son - I'm Truly Blessed!!
My Mom - Grateful for everything!
All three are worthy.

Congrats on your big 300 Supa!
Celebration time come on. . .

P said...

Everybody is making me feel good today! You are included in that.

I am grateful for all the love that I give, because I have it to give. And for those that give it back to me.

Miss Ahmad said...

congrats on reaching the big 300

i am grateful for my family
love in all forms
great music
bottle service
life itself!

Brave Lurker said...

I'm happy that I haven't been really soul-depleting sad since 2004/5. I'm grateful that I am a black woman in a Ph.D. program and almost finished. I'm grateful that I have health, choice, and love! Congrats Supa on your 300th post.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 300th post. Thats quite a few. I hope I am blogging enough to hit that point.

Sangindiva said...

HAPPY 300!!!!
Supa Dupa-
I remember when I first fell in Gemini Love with yo'
crazy ASS!!
Congrats on Livin', Lovin' Bloggin' and LIFE!

I am grateful for
God's never ceasing divine FAVOR in my life,
My beautiful son,
my wonderful mother,
My crazy sisters and brother
and being a International Superstar Sangin' Diva!

peachy0114 said...

I am grateful for new friends,Gods grace, and waking to see another day each and everyday I do. Im grateful for great post that tug at your tear ducks the ones that say the things thats on your heart but you dont quit know how to put into words...hehe

genesis said...

congrats. ive been reading since the beginning...even though i dont comment all the time. :) payce.

Zlogical said...

When I step outside and the air is clean I breathe mentally/spiritually relieved. Air that is free of ignorance and strife, but lately it has been full of things that consistently piss me off like a jacked up script that leaves good people hurting or dead.

I'm thankful for the wind that blows in change in people's hearts and minds--that change that may me and many others free in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's to be hip-hopped and forgotten, to be fresh not rotten, strong and powerfully unheard except for on the Internet...where many people now step more than TV. let me stop. Jamal you keep it hot off the press. I wear the armor, but not on my heart for this is where I breathe!

Free said...

Congratulations on the milestone!!!

(I really like your gratitude list. As folks used to say: "Sho, you right.")

You're such a beautiful presence on the Web, sis.