Thursday, October 05, 2006


it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...
without a dope rhyme to step to!

Blogger Fam: My supa apologies!!! Ya girl just went all ghost on ya, hunh?! Truth is, my offline life has just been so full, it's starting to overshadow my online one, feel me? All good shit though, trust.

Supa's got some things going on, and she's been standing at the crossroads...(this way, or that way??)...Thought about retiring my blog, contemplating the reasons why I created it, wondered if my objectives had been accomplished, yadda yadda...(how many times a week do we bloggers say "I'm bout to stop blogging!") At any rate, Supa's a year deep in the game, and that was her original goal. BUT - I've slowly realized, blogging is a fun creative outlet, helps prime the artistic channels, and besides, I kinda like ya'll fools. So, Supa thinks she'll carry on - for now. (heh heh)

So here's the deal: Supa has jumped from the Corporate Slave Ship (leave of absence from the C.S.S.), in order to go back to school (more on this later! exciting!!), spend more quality time with herself and the RR's, up her writing game, re-connect with friends and love ones, grieve, ponder, slow down, figure out my next move, and just basically bask in this beautiful mess we call LIFE. That's right, boys and girls: ya girl is officially unplugged from the Matrix..chose to swallow that mufuckin' RED pill. Supa 'aint neva been on no punk shit...

Ha. Please! It was some scary shit ya'll...but I did it, and I'm doin' it, and there have been sooo many little divine signs that have let me know I'm on the right path - so I'm grateful. Like one of my favorite quote says:

"There are the risks you can't afford to take..and then, there are the risks you can't afford NOT to take...."

So - I'll fill ya in later, promise!! Just know my posting might be a lil' sporadic. Single Ma - your book is on the way. (thanks to everyone who copped the 3P Remix!!) Cocoa Girl, you gon' get that return call! Sheeit, I'm about 3 weeks behind on emails...on my way to a study group now. What made my ass think going back to school was going to be like going back to 11th grade??

I'm lovin' every unsure challenging scary exhilirating minute of it!!!

'Till then, beautiful ones!

Supa (ova here trippin' all over my!)


Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot is going on. I must congratulate you on the decision to go back to school. That is not easy to do after being in the working world.

onecoolhoney said...

Glad you're having fun and that Supa's blog lives on too.

Supa said...

Morpheus? Is dat you???


Brave Lurker said...

Good for you! If you're at UCLA, give me a holla.

Ja said...'re Supa. You can do anything. Hey girl I'm your #1 Fan.
Don't worry I ain't trying to bust up your ankles and isht. I ain't that kind of freaky. But see I know you are called Supa for a reason. Holla if you are down for a picnic this Saturday in Dago.

African girl, American world said...

this beautiful mess we call life...ain't it grand? :)
I'm sooooooo proud of you for taking a leap of faith and getting out of your comfort zone to fufill your dreams..You're Supa!!!

Love ya! Now get back to studying...only straight A's are acceptable :)

Single Ma said...

Go 'head girl, go 'head get down! Change is scarey but it's good. The best decisions I've ever made in life were uncomfortable and challenging...signs of growth. I'm so happy for you!

*checkin mail box err day and waitin for the Remix*


Miss Ahmad said...

change is the only thing we can count on in this life of ours so i'm glad that you are accepting that change and using it to your advantage!

heard ya'll had fun last weekened in Hollywod! Sorry I missed you!

Anonymous said...

contemplation....the key word in my life right now...thank you for letting me share your world. You ROCK!!!!! hahahahaha



Nichelle said...

Go 'head Supa - get your G.A.W. on!

Good luck with school and everything else!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Supa!

Girl, our lives are so much alike right now that it ain't one bit funny.

Yay for school - I sat in on a couple of classes at NYU last week and was truly feeling it. I didn't realize how much that I loved being in school.

Yay for returned phone calls!

Wait a min...this post is dated Oct 5th. What's up???

*tapping my foot*


P said...


The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing - Steven Covey.

I think everyone gets that itch on determining whether or not they want to continue the blog, (AND) the reasons why they opened it, and why they want to shut it down.

And remember, the blog is for you and your outlet. You can come to it if and when you want, and if and when can. In life, there are always waxes and wanes in everything. Your interest may be more intense a time or two, and other times you may not be able to get to it, for the same reasons all of us cannot - life.

That doesn't mean that your blog is not valuble, and that you have not captured important information in here.

But it also means that you don't have to answer to it, and that you come on here when you have something that you want to SAY.

We are very proud of you for the remix book, and we are glad that you are still around.

peachy0114 said...

Im so glad im not in this school thing alone. Got 18 hrs after this semester then my crazy ass gonna either take leave or just leave the C.S.S and go for my Master's full blast. Got a plan only wish I could bail on C.S.S now. You know got the senior and all. Anywho good luck I hope you dont struggle with math like I do. It's like a math to me is Hollifield to Mike wupping my ass bad.

Hummingbyrd said...

Please believe.

Every day is about choices and risks and living with the decisions we have made.


jameil1922 said...

go HEAD! i wanna go back to school so bad.

Supa said...

@ Brave: UCLA? I 'aint THAT crazy... :) We gotta meet up, sis!

@JA: Thanks,OGD! Picnic? Didn't I just say my azz gotta study?!?! lol

@ Mwabs: Straight A's?? *biting fingernails*

@ Single Ma: I sent your book Saturday!!!And change IS scary...but good. Thx babe.

@ Glam: We missed ya!!

Supa said...

@ Anon/C: Thanks, ma. And I READ your email, you've been on my mind,will respond!!

@ Nichelle: Heeey!! We're all doin the G.A.W. thang, hunh. :)

@ Cocoa: Girl. I've been meaning to catch up with YOUR butt! Isn't going back to school the best? It's like my mind gets the chance to STRETCH and wake up! I'd be a professional student if I could. :) Glad you dipped your toes out there as well.

@ P: See? Thank you so much. Your words touched my soul. You da bomb, P. So, where do I send you your copy of the Remix?!?!

@ T/Peachy: Giiirrrrlll, you 'aint said NOTHIN! Math is the DEVIL. Congrats to you too!!

@ Rhymalinda: LOVE the quote. Welcome!

@ Jameil: I hear ya. When the time is right, make it happen!!

Love ya'll!

1969 said...

Supa...I applaud you for taking a risk to GROW. That's what you are doing....growing and investing in your future. Enjoy school and take care. I am proud of you!

nikki said...

you are so couragous. i wanna be you when i grow up :)

Supa said...

@ Nikki and 1969: Thanks, sistas. And FYI - I'm scared as shit!!! But I 'aint lettin' it stop me. :)