Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Supa on Flics: The Departed

So Supa, being the movie fanatic she is, took a break from studying to go peep Scorsese's latest flic The Departed - long story short, she enjoyed the shits. Classic Scorsese - Eye-talian mobster crime drama with dark comedic moments and plenty of shoot 'em up and gore; moral ambiguity with the characters across the board: Nicholson was a raving lunatic, Mark Wahlberg was sinister and delightful (with his fine white boy ass), Damon took his kid-from-Southie personna to new levels, and Leo earned my respect by actin' his ass off and basically morphing into a mini-Ray Liotta...

The movie was a tad long (2 1/2 hours) and Supa had BIG BIG problems with the ending (no spoilers) - but it was 7 bucks well spent. (matinee, yo). Supa agrees with the critics, it'll be up for a gang of awards come Oscar time. Go check it.

Supa's Top Three Favorite Scorsese flics:

1. Casino

2. Goodfellas

3. Bringing Out the Dead/Taxi Driver (tie)



Anonymous said...

My favo was Casino. I can watch it over and over agin everyday.

DollFace said...

I heard on the radio that Shaq and his wife were complaining about the racist dialogue. I have yet to see the movie so I don't know. What I don't understand is why these Black celebrities will protest this and NOT some of these sh!tty a$$ movies that are being masquaraded as "Black movies" and targeted to the Black consumer.

Love your blog by the way! And I loved Goodfellas

Damon Z said...

Finally, someone recognizes Casino and Goodfellas for the masterpieces that they are. (Check out my favorite movies . No doubt, De Niro is a great actor. I am hoping I can catch "The Departed" this weekend and then the original version Internal Affairs sometime later. What's your favorite classic movie?

African girl, American world said...

a real live post??? Is it Christmas? LOL!!!
Hey J *waving*

peachy0114 said...

I love Foodfellas and Casino. That damn Sharon Stone was a junkie. How is school?

peachy0114 said...

Damn it I meant Goodfella's ok my eyes are crossing got a 20 pager due monday if I read one more thing about criminals and how they are born/nurtured.

Supa said...

@ She Needs: Welcome,sweetie. Casino is the truth! Ginger was the business, with her junkie ass..

@ Dollface: Scorsese is known for the racist dialogue. I agree. Shaq,I love your big black ass, but go protest some shit like "My Baby's Daddy" or "Flavor of Love" and stfu.

@Damon Z: I'ma check out your list!

@Mwabs: Oh, hush!

@ Peachy/T: Girl, school is kickin' my brown ass. I'm lovin' it tho!! How bout you? Hang in there~~~

Knockout Zed said...

When you're sitting in a movie theatre in an all White town, that shit will hit you like a sledgehammer to hear that on screen. Trust me, that's how I saw The Departed. It was dope, though.

Raging Bull
The Aviator


Sangindiva said...

O.K. So I'm gonna duck the tomatoes and tell the truth-
I have never seen ANY of these movies!!
ANNND I'm gonna go on and say it-
I HATE THE MOVIES! Yeah I said it.
I hate them longs assed, overpriced, glorifed napping spot- SHITS!!

WHEW! that felt good to say!!

Hey Supa!!!

Hummingbyrd said...

Most Def Goodfellas.

Phat_In_Phoenix said...

hmm..been really wanting to check that out, since I too am a huge movie fan! (the writer in me)

OMG & CASINO is a close tie to me w/Goodfellas, and that damn Sharon Stone put her thang down...much respect...

@ sangindiva, really u've never seen em? wow, that's like saying Whitney Houston (minus the crack) is wack (hee hee) and i'm not gonna listen to her sing ;~) but ok

@peachy/worddiva & supa...I'm coming back...hang w/ me sista's, I'm workin my way back


Supa said...

@ Zed: I cringe more when I hear BLACK folks saying THE WORD in front of white folks..but I feel ya. Hey Zeddie!

@ Sangin Diva- Ok, I am NOT talking to you!!!!Don't watch movies?? *gasp*

@ Rhyme-a-linda: Mufuckin word.

@ Phat: Yeahhh!! Our girl is comin' back!Love ya sis.

jameil1922 said...

not a big shoot 'em up kill 'em girl. don't know if i'll see it. i've never seen any of your top 3. shhhh. stop mocking me.