Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally: The 3P Remix!!

Yes yes ya'll: It's finally here!!!(please don't ask about the delays - it's here!)

Passion, Pride, and Politickin': Homegrown Poetry and Essays
by Ms. Jamal Sharif

“With the Gold Pen awarded to her by the Black Writer’s Alliance for this outstanding poetry collection, Ms. Sharif packs the original vision of the hip-hop generation, the urgent calling of previous and current revolutions, our youth’s unfortunate despondency, and a concerned openness for evolution…”
~ Chezon Jackson, Rolling Out Urbanstyle Magazine

“With poetic styles which vary from haiku to street-wise dramatic monologue, using the conventions of “standard” English as well as the defiance of “Ebonics” – and what comes through, no matter what the voice, no matter what the subject; is Ms. Sharif’s clear moral stance: Her verse and prose sing always of the deep, innocent, compelling, human need to do the right thing..and have it be done unto her.” ~Joyce A. Barnes, playwright, author of “Amistad” and “Promise Me the Moon”

“Take time to travel with this intelligent and gracious sister. Passion, Pride and Politickin': Homegrown Poetry and Essays is a must read for poetry lovers and truth seekers alike.”
~ Cheryl Faye, author of “Be Careful What You Wish For

“The book is packed with powerful expressions of life from a personal, as well as from a world perspective…if you want a mindful of energy and inspiring thoughtful prose, Passion, Pride, and Politickin’ is for you.”
~ Zamounde Allie, author of “As The World Burns”

“Ms. Sharif has established herself as heir apparent to the royal line of African-American female writers…love, trust, racism, and urban culture are some of the topics she addresses, with beguiling prose and in-your-face realism….”
~ Memphis Vaughan Jr., author, editor of

2001 National Gold Pen Award Winner
for Best Poetry Collection

So if you want a signed copy, hit me up through paypal! Thanks for all the love and support.


Click here to purchase from Amazon

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And to all my Bloggin' Fam: ALL of you got shout outs in the new book: TiaStyle, The Blackest Black Man Ever, Cocoa Girl, Butta, Mwabi, Anovelista, Single Ma, JA’s Word Candy, Glam, Tam, Pattyopolis, Sangin’ Diva , Dee, & and all the WCBH’s, Dallas Penn, Obi from South London, The Word Engineer, Knockout Zed, Superstar Nic, Nah Right, Just Another Girl on the IRT, Free, Takeitoutside, So Wise Sista, Crunk & Disorderly, Gobbledygook, Motor City Hot Girl, Diva in Demand, and Model Minority!!!

For all my LA Peeps: The book re-launch soiree will be in November! Stay tuned..


onecoolhoney said...

The book is fabulous!! I loved the original, but the remix is hotter than I imagined!!! The surprise short story at the end came with it on a rather timely and relevant theme, and I was really pleased to see that too. Great job on all of it!

Thanks for all the love in the acknowledgements, etc. Love ya right back, girlie. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help promote.

Brave Lurker said...

Congrats to you sista! How wonderful it is to see a beautiful black woman doing her damn thing!
Stay graced . . .

P said...

Too excited beyond words. Now I can replace the book that I have on my my space page with the new version, so people can know what time it is.

I'm serious. Too excited beyond words.

I believe I speak for everyone that we are very happy, and very proud of you. This is no small feat.

Once again, too excited beyond words.

Memo to Oprah: You won't have to worry about THIS book shattering into "A Million Little Pieces". This is the real deal!!

African girl, American world said...

Congratulations Ma!!! Yay!! Now answer my ?s so we can do some big thangs :)
Changes in my life - good ones. Will email you my new info.

onefromphilly said...

First time commenting here. I've been reading for a while now and really enjoy your blog, so I ordered your book through amazon last week. My timing is a bit off seeing that you just re-issued, and i missed my chance to have mine autographed :-(
Anyway, I enjoy your blog so I'm sure i'll enjoy the book. I'll come back more often and I'll also comment on your book as soon as i finish it. CONGRATULATIONS

Single Ma said...

Awwwwwww sis, I'm so proud of you!! Congratulations!!

I put a lil promotion plug on the blog today. And THANKS for the mention!!

Miz JJ said...

I have the first edition, I got it when I first found your site. However, if you are doing signed versions now I may have to get another one. Congrats!!

Dee said...

I am sooooooo proud of you ma!!!!! Happy is putting it light!!!!! And yes i will hit the 405 north for the book re-launch!!!!!

Ja said...

Work it Mallie Mal, work it! Girl see that's why you are my ogd in training. :-)

Love ya. You know I will be there for the shindig.


Supa said...

One Cool Honey, Brave, P, Mwabs, Single Ma, Mz JJ, Dee, JA: Awwww, ya'll. Thanks for the love and support. You my girls. :)

@ One From Philly: Welcome, and thanks for the support! Feedback on the book anytime, looking forward to it. :)

1969 said...

Supa...I already own your book and I am sad that I missed the chance to have it autographed. I purchased mine on Amazon a while back. You are a talented lady, my sister on the West Coast.

We are all so proud of you. Best friend owns a bookstore in Brooklyn....I am going to forward the book title to her and get her to order it.

Paula D. said...

OMG!!!! I am so late!!! Congrats! I am getting my copy today :-)

Knockout Zed said...

I need my copy to say something hot and sexy. Like "To Zed, that night in the jacuzzi with honey and applesauce was FANTASTIC! We have to do it again sometime."


Anonymous said...

I just ordered it again after buying it on first release.Love sum mal.-C.B. from Harlem

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Thank you for making an appearance last night. Even though I was dead tired and slightly buzzed, I stayed up to read thru the whole book. I'm with Tia...the first book was fab, the remix is off the hook...(making mental notes about the new additions) *wink* You know I catch errythang! HAHAHAHA

I didn't actually see this original post, but I read the shout out in the book and I'm touched to be included in the bunch. You are inspiring. Keep pushin. Don't stop til you reach the top.

Congrats on school too...following one's dream is HUGE. But don't leave the blog world just yet...remember what I said, once a week is still still owe the world a little piece of FABULOUS you! :)

Nichelle said...


Congratulations Supa!

I will be ordering mine through Paypal so I can get it autographed!

I'm having lunch with some bloggers of color next week, so you know I'm gonna give ya a shout out.

Miss Ahmad said...

big ups on the remix, keep on keepin' on. i hope all is well in your life and you and yours continue to be blessed!

Takeitoutside said...

Awww..congrats Supa. Keep doin your thing sweety!

nikki said...

i didn't get a shout out but i'm gonna buy this book! congrats on this! you're such an inspiration!

Supa said...

thanks ya'll!!!!

awww Nikki - I don't think I'd stumbled on your blog when I wrote the acknowledgements awhile back... :(


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, I am SO late, but I am now on it none the less.


Sangindiva said...

I'm getting mine through pay pal too I needs my signed copy!!! This is my FIRST book dedication!!! YAY!