Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Daze (again)

What the fuck's up, Blogger Fam?? Summertime's threatening to end and Supa been tryin' to do the most-est! Read: Cocktailing, parlaying, back yard boogie attending, hangin' with the RR's and extended Fam Bam, word slangin', etc. (and *gasp* - haven't had time to blog!!)

Stay tuned, I'll be back to tell ya allll about it....hope all is well in your worlds! Enjoy the holiday!

PS - A prince was welcomed into the Supa extended fam this weekend- yay! And trip: his name is Yasim Jamal.

(that name is kinda fly, hunh?!)


Later ya'll!


Nichelle said...

Alright then, Supa - I'm staying tuned. :)

Single Ma said...

*wavin* Hey Supa!

Sound like the perfect way to enjoy the last days of summer.

How's the foot?

Anonymous said...

Hi Supa!!!!!!!!!!!

K, I'mma get caught up now:)

Supa said...

@ Nichelle: Hey Novelista! Stay tuned... :)

@ Single Ma: Hey Fabulous! My foot is betta...nothing broken, just got hella swollen & had to soak it & ice it & chill....thanks. :)