Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hot Damn!!

Supa is way past excited. And why, you implore? Because RR#1 got a J-O-B!! Yessss. Supa will now be accepting incremental payments from boychild to apply toward excessive grocery consumption over the past 17 years.

I'm infinitely more excited than he is, okay? Got me ironin' his work shirt & keepin' up with his work schedule and shyt. Say it loud and proud, young man: WELCOME TO BURGER KING, HOW MAY I HELP YOU!!

sheeeiittt...Supa 'aint got NO PROBLEMS ganking some of that minimum wage chedda. Ha. But even betta than alla that - I'm proud of the lad. Oh we've had our moments, but despite it all, RR#1 has blossomed into a delightful and decent human being. Even though he still regularly neglects to flush the damn toilet after he's pissed in it, oh, 'bout three or four times. Disgusting, right? Yeah. We go 'head up ova that shit.

But Supa loves that kid.

stay tuned. (big grin)


African girl, American world said...

aww the baby has grown up :) poor thing, he will never eat burger king again after this job, well wait, he does have quite the appetite so maybe he will.

You gottta drop him off and pick him up too? Feel like you have the job don't it?

Go RR#1!! If I lived there I would go just to check up on him and get a fry hook up. LOL!

Mz.TiredofBS!!! said...

Congrats to the both of you!

Knockout Zed said...

It's almost like you got a second gig without having to work. Nice!


Supa said...

@ Mwabs: Yes, the baby is growin' up.Ha! Yeah, I still hafta do the drop off/pickup. Meanwhile - free french fries for all!!

@ Mz.Tired: Thank ya!

@ Zeddie: Hey Zeddie. It is kinda nice. :)

bunny said...

Oh how cool the boy got a jobby job! Congrats!! NOW make him buy his own Hansens and then you drink it all up and tell him you were thirsty and watch the look on his little face...priceless.

Xoë Bennett said...

Congrats. I can't wait to my human eating machine is bringing in some dough. That boy will eat and drink ANYTHING. Sometimes I buy healthy stuff, just because I figure he won't bother it. Wrong! No matter how strange, how weird, how...whatever...this dude likes it. And he'll eat or drink it ALL.

I love him to death, but I am thinking of sending him to the mission to eat. :-)

P said...

Hansen's all around! Drinks on RR #1!!


peachy0114 said...

Go Supa its ya birthday go Supa its ya if we could just find something for RR#2 to do that Labor Law will not lock you up for...hahahaha. My teener is going to a winter formal this weekend (tear drop) the dress we found is cute!!!! girl got it going on.....

Supa said...

@ Bunny: Ha HA!!I'ma do it, I swear!!

@ Xoe: I know the feeling. Yep, my boy will eat even the bland stuff too! And hey - can they eat at the mission? Never thought of that. lol

@ P: Name your flavor, sweetie!! :)

@ peachy: Aww, winter formal. How cute!! Take plenty of pics. (like you wasn't going to.) But anyway. Yeah, now RR#2 is next in line!!

Free said...

"Supa 'aint got NO PROBLEMS ganking some of that minimum wage chedda"


That's cool, tho. Little man got a J.O.B.
(Don't ever tell him what one of chick-pals calls it: "Journey of the broke!"

You are killing me.

"Supa will now be accepting incremental payments from boychild"