Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally: The 3P Remix!!

Yes yes ya'll: It's finally here!!!(please don't ask about the delays - it's here!)

Passion, Pride, and Politickin': Homegrown Poetry and Essays
by Ms. Jamal Sharif

“With the Gold Pen awarded to her by the Black Writer’s Alliance for this outstanding poetry collection, Ms. Sharif packs the original vision of the hip-hop generation, the urgent calling of previous and current revolutions, our youth’s unfortunate despondency, and a concerned openness for evolution…”
~ Chezon Jackson, Rolling Out Urbanstyle Magazine

“With poetic styles which vary from haiku to street-wise dramatic monologue, using the conventions of “standard” English as well as the defiance of “Ebonics” – and what comes through, no matter what the voice, no matter what the subject; is Ms. Sharif’s clear moral stance: Her verse and prose sing always of the deep, innocent, compelling, human need to do the right thing..and have it be done unto her.” ~Joyce A. Barnes, playwright, author of “Amistad” and “Promise Me the Moon”

“Take time to travel with this intelligent and gracious sister. Passion, Pride and Politickin': Homegrown Poetry and Essays is a must read for poetry lovers and truth seekers alike.”
~ Cheryl Faye, author of “Be Careful What You Wish For

“The book is packed with powerful expressions of life from a personal, as well as from a world perspective…if you want a mindful of energy and inspiring thoughtful prose, Passion, Pride, and Politickin’ is for you.”
~ Zamounde Allie, author of “As The World Burns”

“Ms. Sharif has established herself as heir apparent to the royal line of African-American female writers…love, trust, racism, and urban culture are some of the topics she addresses, with beguiling prose and in-your-face realism….”
~ Memphis Vaughan Jr., author, editor of

2001 National Gold Pen Award Winner
for Best Poetry Collection

So if you want a signed copy, hit me up through paypal! Thanks for all the love and support.


Click here to purchase from Amazon

Click here to purchase from Barnes and Noble

And to all my Bloggin' Fam: ALL of you got shout outs in the new book: TiaStyle, The Blackest Black Man Ever, Cocoa Girl, Butta, Mwabi, Anovelista, Single Ma, JA’s Word Candy, Glam, Tam, Pattyopolis, Sangin’ Diva , Dee, & and all the WCBH’s, Dallas Penn, Obi from South London, The Word Engineer, Knockout Zed, Superstar Nic, Nah Right, Just Another Girl on the IRT, Free, Takeitoutside, So Wise Sista, Crunk & Disorderly, Gobbledygook, Motor City Hot Girl, Diva in Demand, and Model Minority!!!

For all my LA Peeps: The book re-launch soiree will be in November! Stay tuned..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

News Flash: George Bush is The Devil!

"el diablo"

Hey, this dude said it!!
Not me... (heh heh heh)

But really - is Supa the only one who ponders on the daily, how fucked up this world has become? Rioting in Hungary; a coup in Thailand; mass murder, rape, and pillaging in Africa, unnecessary wars, the Pope inciting a battle-rap against Islam, etc. (I could go on). Nah, I know I'm not alone. Speaking of which - Anyone peep the movie V for Vendetta? That's some real shit - go check it. do ya'll maintain when the weight of the world gets you down? I mean, besides prayer, listening to Pac, alcohol and weed consumption. Those are a given.

Holla atcha girl.

(If I don't respond, I've been detained for paying for my free speech.) Ha!

Supa, out.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Supa Spotlight - Mahogany Braid Boutique!

So, this post is long overdue - but Supa's gotta show some love to her girl, who recently celebrated the grand opening of her salon, Mahogany Braid Boutique in Leimert Park. Trust - she's fabulous, and so was the Grand Opening!


enter the boutique...

Handmade Diva Dolls...

The master stylist herself - Ms. Tonya!

Ya girl

Grand Opening supporters....

A few of the Supa Friends... (shout out to Brave Lurker- we missed ya, girl!)

The brothas, representin'...

Chillin in Leimert, jazz in the park (adjacent to Mahogany Boutique)

From all your crew: Congratulations, Tonya!
(we knew you could do it)

Mahogany Braid Boutique
4321 1/2 Leimert
Los Angeles, CA 90008
by appointment only 323-377-2701
specializing in all natural and braided styles:
locs, twists, extensions, cornrows, & weaving

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Waxing Molestation Story

Blogger Fam: Hope all is well in your worlds! Supa had to go underground, or as P says, incognegro fo' a minute...had some matters of the heart to attend to. You know, I must say that it's a definite challenge for people who ALSO suffered the lost of a loved one on September 11th, especially when their death was in no way associated with the terrorist attack. I could go on a George Bush rant, and a whole lotta other tangents...BUT - that's all I'm gonna say about that.

So..on to The Waxing Story!!!

Okay. Supa's going to try to be as delicate as she can with this story, because of its, ummm, intimate nature...but some shit just can't be avoided. You've been warned.

So, ever since Puerto Rico, Supa hasn't had any exciting trips on the horizon, and therefore had gotten a tad lazy in the waxing arena. (for ya'll nosy asses - Yes, Something Special is still something special...) Anyway. Generally, Supa takes pride in keeping her goods pretty immaculate. Staying "Brazilianed up" might be a Cali girl thang, I dunno. Just suffice it to say, that before she knew it, Supa looked down and witnessed her um...*cough*cough*, prize area leaning towards, ummm.... unkempt. (lawd this is gonna be difficult...)

So okay. Supa makes a call to the spa, hoping to lock down a same-day appointment with her regular waxing technician - a cool ass Persian chick with painless waxing skills, who tries to teach me how to curse in Farsi while we chat about life and motherhood and the latest new fly handbags on Melrose. I mean - it takes a LOT to get to the point where you can be that comfortable and have chit-chatty conversation while you're spread eagle and your stuff is totally exposed. Feel me? But me and her are cool like dat. Yet - my cool ass Persian esthetician was also unavailable that day.

Supa had to make a decision. Wait another week and watch the garden grow, or take an appointment with an unknown. Supa opted for the latter. Big big fucking mistake. (Keep reading.)

Get to the spa. Greeted by unknown waxing technician whose name Supa has now erased from her conscious memory. Go into room, disrobe, hope like hell unknown waxing technician has good technique and won't leave Supa in tears. Waxing technician comes in, introduces herself. She's mid-thirties, Latina, non-descript. Or she may have been, but I told you, I've tried very hard to unremember.

So *sigh*, she gets started. IMMEDIATELY she goes: Your skin has such a lovely, deep brown tone. Fascinating....

Supa: (wtf?) Uhhh, thank you. Just got back from the Carribean, guess I worked on my tan, ha ha.....

Unknown waxing technician: Okay, so let's get started....(she starts.) Then: My, you have such an interesting hair growth's almost like a unique design...

Supa: (says nothing - thinking this bitch is just talking to herself out loud..)

Unknown waxing technician: (after a few minutes into the procedure) My god, you are the best waxing client I've had...

Supa asks, slightly uncomforable now: Today?

Unknown waxing technician: No, ever...just...fantastic..

Okay - now my ass is gettin' a nervous. I'm looking around for cameras, wondering if they record this type of shit...My internal monologue was going am I trippin', naw I'm not trippin', she's trippin', naw girl you must be trippin', is this bitch trying to mack me down by complementing my area?? naw that's outrageous, Supa, you trippin'....

NOW KEEP IN MIND READERS: Supa is totally butt-ass nekkid and spread eagle while some female she don't know seems to be making advances at her crotch. Can you say: Twilight Zone?

So, Supa just had to ask: So, umm, why do you say I'm the best wax you've done - EVER??

Unknown waxing technician: Well, I've just never had a client as relaxed as you...your skin is amazing, I've always admired women with darker skin tones, and like I said, your hair pattern is sooooo unique, and in this profession you see a lot of anatomical variations, but I must say you're such a pleasure on many levels...visually and otherwise...

AND BEFORE SUPA COULD EVEN DIGEST WHAT WAS BEING SAID AND SPIT OUT A REPLY, the unknown waxing technician who I now believe is/was masquerading as a
DOWNLOW LESBIAN ESTHETICIAN goes: OOh, let me get this one little spot right here, and proceeds to (oh gawd) place her face THISCLOSE to my goods, and then places her fingers around my area as if she was reading some fucking braille around my STUFF. (There, I said it.) Now, I've gotten waxed LONG ENOUGH to know that THAT SHIT is professionally UNECESSARY...


Then - her finger just kinda sorta slipped
. Just - use your fucking imaginations, boys and girls. (i want ya'll to know, I'm throwing up in my mouth as I type)

Supa jumped up and goes: WHOA! You're getting a LITTLE CLOSE, THERE.....

Downlow Lesbian Esthetician: Oh! I'm sorry...

Supa: Uhh, you regular technician isn't this....INTENSE.

D.L.E.: Well we all have different techniques....It's okay, honey. Sit back, I'm almost done.. (taps my thigh)

Okay, so ya'll have known me long enough to realize that vanity will prompt Supa to do shit like keep on steppin' in some fly ass stilettos when her feet are on fire, and now, apparently proceeding with a Brazilian wax during which she was subtly molested by a lesbian who apparently gets a kick out observing and waxing Nubian assets.

The lezzie finished up, and didn't try any other moves. I was giving off the "try one mo' thing, bitch" vibe so hard, all conversation ceased. That room was so quiet I could hear people laughing down the hall. The D.L.E. said thank you without any eye contact. Supa left the spa without tipping the bitch. The way I see it, that trick owed me a dinner and a movie. Supa sat in her car, dumbfounded, and wondered if she should call the police or one of the Supa friends to confer.

I was just...confused... (what the fuck just happened?)

And each and everytime I've relayed this story since that fated day, my girls have laughed themselves into hyperventilation levels, while I've been on the other end of the phone feelin' undecided on whether or not I should be traumatized!

Unfortunatelty, this story is the the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

Go ahead, bitches. Laugh. 'Till it happens to you.............

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Chicken Story: Status Report...

Okay, so good. Ya'll seemed to be as mortified as Supa was, although it coulda been worse. (Mwabi, Single Ma, Sangin' Diva, Cousin - all ya'll laughing at me just hush it up!) Fellow supa sis 1969 said she walked out her pad one morning and spotted a turkey perched up top of her neighbors car...If I'da seen THAT shit, I'da left my house and rented a hotel room for the weekend - 'cause turkey's are some big, evil, strange-lookin' mofo's, and they don't play.

Update #1: The chicken is no longer on Supa's premises. Disappeared. Vacated. Idunno where it went. It was still there yesterday....Maybe Supa's pad was just a resting point along the escaped chicken Underground Railroad. Supa wishes you safe travels, chicken! Follow the north star to freedoms!

Update #2: The Suspect neighbor and I exited our houses at the same time yesterday. Now, she knows goddamn well she's missing a chicken, but you also know she 'aint going door to door inquiring about it. So she just kinda looked at me and smiled like, "heifer I know you know I got a chicken on the loose," and I waved and smiled like "correct bitch it's in my backyard and I done reported yo ass to Health Services..." Have a nice day!

Update #3. For those who inquired - the Suspect Neighbor is "technically" black, but she's culturally Cuban. Or Belizean. Or Haitian. Something. Whatever. And yes, I realize what she practices is also known as HooDoo, Voodoo, Vudun, etc. Yes, I thought about if she's gon' try to put a hex or some roots on me. Not worried. Supa got powers of her own, plus I got some heavy duty sage to combat the sitch-ee-a-tion. Been burning that shit inside and out like nobody's business.. (Where's Tam's ass when you need her?)

So, what shall I divulge next???


Thought he was your daddy for 35 years then find out he 'aint story?
(this ones deep)

JC Penny's fallout with the Girl story?

or the Bikini waxed by a down-low lesbian story?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Chicken Story

(sigh) Confession: When Supa started this blog almost one long short year ago, she had visions of creating a platform on which she could write and rant about the literary world, current events, socio-political commentary, connect with other writers and readers, bask in the human (online) experience, etc.

Stuff like that. Lofty shit.

Supa did not forsee that she would instead be chronichling her stranger-than-fiction life, which most recently and quite disturbingly includes, but is not limited to, training bras and escaped chickens. Please readers, know my intentions were pure. Someday soon maybe I'll get back on track.

So. On to the chicken.

My next door neighbor is suspect. Knew it the moment she moved in, put couldn't quite put my finger on it. But yeah. Now it's been revealed that she's some kind of "priestess," which most of us already gathered from all the chanting and singing she and her "followers" do in the backyard under the cloak of darkness, and Supa doesn't have any problems with her cultural/religious beliefs. Not at all.

What Supa DOES have a problem with, is when said cultural/religious beliefs manifest themselves as an escaped chicken which has currently barracaded itself in Supa's backyard.
Clucking and making noises and shit.

Exhibit A: The loose chicken.

(don't look at the dry ass neglected grass, it's about to be re-sodded. Look at the chicken.)

The chicken is traumatized, ya'll. For real. Guess when it looked around and saw what happened to its chicken brethren. (uhh..they got SACRIFICED), the chicken was like, "These n*ggas is crazy!" and commenced to bounce.

Right into Supa's backyard - made its debut with company present no less.. Here we are chillin', sippin', and enjoyin' a little fun in the sun, and somebody goes Uhhhh, there's a chicken in your yard.. Supa was like - What the fuh...?

And sho' nuff. A chicken. A fuckin' ALIVE chicken. Last time I checked, livestock wasn't allowed in the city limits - at least in residential areas. So who am I now, the fuckin' chicken amnesty of the hood? Bitch, you betta run before these fools turn you into a 2 piece snack. Have you fried and posted up next to a biscuit....

So. Filed a complaint with the Department of Health Services. Did I forget to mention that my neighbor's trash smells like rotting corpses? Shit is FOUL. Everyone on the street has been wondering where the stench was coming from. And this is truly disturbing - my neighbor on the other side of the Suspect Neighbor, said he saw a live GOAT in the yard otha day. Ex-cuse me?

Where's the goat at now, I scream!

He gave me a look like: What the fuck you think?

Awww snap. They done kilt the goat. Lawd lawd lawd.

So. I'ma let the chicken lay in the cut, and not return it to it's captors...nobody can coax the damn thing out from behind the garage anyway. Poor chicken. Maybe it'll try to make some more progress, away from the House of Horrors, once it gets over its post traumatic stress. I can't call it. If it does escape - where the chicken gon' go? Shit is kinda gully down on Crenshaw Blvd. Them hustlas might snatch that chicken up and bootleg sell it. (Yo man, I got a chicken you know you need a chicken....five dollars, son...)

Any which way, it 'aint lookin' good...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

As Supa's World Turns...

Blogger Fam: SO okay, here's the quick rundown of As Supa's World Turns, a never-ending drama currently in progress:

What was the outcome of the scene between Supa and The Girl, when said Girl adamantly refused to pick out a cute yet sufficient training bra for her growing "buds," which led to a battle of wills right there in the middle of JC Penny's?

What was the convo that went down between some of the Supa Friends, when one crew member just found out that the man he thought was his father for the last 35 years - 'aint even his REAL DADDY? Damn!!

How many bottles of wine and herbal refreshments were consumed while gasping, inquiring, and reviewing facts during above referenced conversation with said crew?

How will Supa handle her Santeria practicing neighbor, now that one of the "ritual" chickens escaped its inevitable slaughter, and has taken up refuge in Supa's backyard?!?!?! Will she call the Health Department or Church's Chicken?

Was Supa subtly ogled and molested while being bikini-waxed by a down-low lesbian masquerading as an esthetician at the spa a few weeks back?

Stay tuned, for As Supa's World Turns...

Better yet - which story ya'll wanna hear first??

Oh yeah: Nip/Tuck Season Premiere Tonight!!! (you betta watch, T!)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Daze (again)

What the fuck's up, Blogger Fam?? Summertime's threatening to end and Supa been tryin' to do the most-est! Read: Cocktailing, parlaying, back yard boogie attending, hangin' with the RR's and extended Fam Bam, word slangin', etc. (and *gasp* - haven't had time to blog!!)

Stay tuned, I'll be back to tell ya allll about it....hope all is well in your worlds! Enjoy the holiday!

PS - A prince was welcomed into the Supa extended fam this weekend- yay! And trip: his name is Yasim Jamal.

(that name is kinda fly, hunh?!)


Later ya'll!