Thursday, August 03, 2006

Supa's PSA on The Art of Vacationing

First off: I'm back online, bitches! Lawd, I don't wish this techno drama on NO BODY. The past few days have been filled with Supa (a) whining/complaining/kicking herself for not backing up before leaving on vacay, (b) weeping pathetically over her old laptop, (c) having waking nightmares about all the projects and manuscripts which just might very well end up in literary purgatory, (d) figuring out the best way to hustle up on a new laptop, and (e) being excessively sweet and coy with the service boys up at Frye's, so Supa could get her possible data recovery project pushed up to priority status. (Thanks for your consolation and help, T)

Never mind
I caught a flat tire today, and have been trying to love/threaten Ruff Ryder #1 through his latest adolescent existential crisis...

(note from kind stranger. yes I'll take a picture of anything))

Man! Was it just last week I was chillaxin in the Caribbean sun?!?!

So okay. I'mma try to get back on track with the Puerto Rico, yo!

And with that, Supa would like to take this moment to share her philosophy of vacationing.

Which is simply: Vacations are for relaxing. Unwinding. Releasing. For shaking off all the problems & bullshit one manages to hurdle on the daily...and unless you have lost all your money/ID and/or are about to be thrown in a Mexican jail (or Puerto Rican...or Jamaican...or LA County), there is neva eva a reason to be frustrated while on vacay. Ever. Supa's mindset is: Down for whateva; keep the mojitos flowin'. Long as she don't hafta think hard about shit. (sheeeeiiiit!) Supa uses vacationing as a prime opportunity to go purposefully and blissfully dumb. Like, I wanna forget my own gotdamn name. No pondering the mortgage or kids or the war or death or whether or not I remembered to turn off the damn fan or if oeste is East or West in Espanol.....

Hell. I'm on vacation.

And as long as I can stumble my way to the beach/the bar/the food/the club, and can navigate my activities in such a way where I don't get arrested or die - I'm good.

Yo, don't even ask me what time it is. It's time for you to realize I'm on vacation. The only coveted, elusive time in Supa's World when she's not forced to think, guide, decide, direct, problem solve, and/or be expected to juggle six thousand balls....(don't be nasty, ya'll)

So, if after a long week and a long flight and preceeding a much needed period of self-labotomizing, if a map should so happen to be shoved in Supa's lap, well, you know. Hey. She gon' do her best, even though she's completely shitty at directions (Supa's a Gemini. A flighty-ass air sign: East West North South Down Up, it all blurs...) Meaning, every now and then you can count on her to stop gazing blissfully out the window and declare, "Sweetie, I have no fucking idea..." I'ma be supa chill. 'Aint even gon' look sideways at a brotha if we end up a lil' lost! 'Cuz....yay! I'm on vacation! Supa gotcha back, even when you 'aint lookin'...hell, even when I 'aint lookin'...

(ain't my purse cute?? got them little stud thingies on it)

The Art of Vacationing is such that you might get a lil' turned around sometimes...You might start off at the Atlantic Ocean and end up damn near inside the Caribbean Ocean. Fucking cool! It's alll part of the adventure. Makes for a nice story to share with all your friends...

And as long as she 'aint on the verge of bein' dead..or in jail... -- Supa 'aint trippin'.


'Cause she's on vacation.

And FYI - Supa always loves the scenic route.

Out, bitches!! Second Installment to come!

Supa's PR Exploits Poll Results:

0% said Supa is an absolute angel. (ya'll know me well...)

13% said Supa would need bail money. (Thankfully, there wasn't enough time to break any laws)

3% said Supa would get into misdemeanor trouble. (we'll revisit this one...)

5% said Supa would committ both indecent exposure and public intoxication. (my bikini was pretty tame, and it never accidently on purpose became separated from my body.. But affirmative on the latter)

10% said Supa would incite a riot (walking down the streets of San Juan with another fly honey (Heey Shiela), sparked a mini one of sorts...)

and 60% said Supa would have grown n sexy fun!! (ya'll know me well)


onecoolhoney said...

Yaaaaaayyyy! She's back, bitchez!! LOL

You're very welcome on the info. Anytime. You know I got u!

True--as long as it ain't death or incarceration, it makes for a nice tale. Hell, even jail is a tale tho. hehehe

Oh, and FIRST!!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

okay...i need to go on vacation...the pics look good and relaxing...

formerly sarccastik!!!

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Glad u had a good time...and glad I can finally see the pics without all that OTHA shit clouding the way...

Supa said...

Hey ya'll!! It's soo good to be back. That shyt was painful.

Hey Fred Sanford - very cute, Sarccastik!!

TAM - For real, though. Thx for giving me the heads up.

OCS - Shooooo, I know I couldn't count on your for bail money, cuz you'd be in jail WITH MY AZZ lol

Nichelle said...

I could use a vacation myself.

And a new laptop!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, ma'am...

Supa - When are you coming to NYC to hang?!?!?!?! Girl, you look like too much fun!

Hey Tia!!! I met someone at the Harlem Book Fair who said your conference (particularly the power brunch) was off the chain!

Hey Nichelle!

Hey Everybody!!!

Supa said...

Cocoa: When you comin' to LA??? It's too hawt in NY and I don't do snow... :)

Nichelle: Girl. Take that vacay, even if it's just a day at the spa! Sistas need that soul-pampering, in whatever form. :)

Big D said...

Supa i'd get lost with you any time

Admin said...

In the essence of the most admirable DPM:

I'm glad DPM was able to navigate the road and get you to your destination safely considering he had been up for the past 30 sumthin hours. Sheeeyatt... He better had!

Nichelle said...

Supa - I've got a spa in mind for a little one-day-vacay. I'll be re-entering the workforce soon, so I need to brace myself...

Hey Cocoa!

Single Ma said...

Yeeees, you WILL take a pic of anything. Good for storytellin tho. LOL

BTW, do y'all have a Circuit City in LA? They're having a hella sale startin Sunday:

Acer aspire notebook $399
15.4 crystalbrite widescreen
centrino mobil
pentium m 735a
dvd/cd-rw combo
512mb ram
60gb HD
after $150 mail in
$100 instant

(minimum 10 per store)
8/6 - 8/12

No burner tho but I'm still goin to cop that. Check out a discussion here.

BTW, your vacay sounds fabulous. I'm long overdue...

mrpunchcar said...

you're not referring to me when u call ur readers "bitches" are u? that would be a grave, last mistake on your part.

African girl, American world said...

this post made me feel all fuzzy inside and I was LOL something serious too! You's a gem but you already knew that!
I'm taking that philosophy...vacay = dumbness and relaxation - got it!

Supa said...

SingleMa: TYeah we have CC, & thx for the tip, ma! Girl, I already got hooked up. You think I coulda waited till Saturday??? lol

Mr. Punchcar: You know you're my main bitch. Stop fightin' it!

So how's the newest little princess? What am I sayin? Get the fuck off my blog and drop that manuscript. I swear dude, I'ma stab you. Get crackin'.

onecoolhoney said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
onecoolhoney said...

@ Cocoa, heyyyyy, I just looooooove reports like that. ;)

LOL @ Supa, you damn skippy. We'd both be locked up together, mean-muggin' foos in the cell to discourage any "bright ideas," and exaggerating the hell out of the reason we got locked up. hahahaha Hey, we're writers! We have creative license!

Phat_In_Phoenix said...

so glad your back! has the decompression started or is this like the overview?


b. smith said...

sounds like fun, supa! i like to travel with a navigational system myself. it makes things easier. then again, i rarely drive. perhaps you could sneak a mobile navigational system in on "something special's" birthday.
i'm also quite sure that treo has the same capabilities.

b. stylish

Anonymous said...

I am glad to have you back!!! I knew you would have a lot of grown and sexy fun!!

jameil1922 said...

ahhhh yeah. i'm going to put that rule on a notecard for my enjoyment in 2 weeks. just fun. ahhhhhhh yeah!!!

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh the vacation stories are always awesome aren't they. glad you two love birds had fun!

it's time for the black weblog awards get your nonimations together!

Supa said...

Stay tuned with the updates!

Glam: Good lookin' out!

Hey Espi!and....B.Smith?

Hi Chrissy! (waving) Girl, we gon have to do Vegas! (Lawd!!!)