Friday, July 14, 2006

Dallas Bound...

Supa is...on the move. Headed to the Writer's Conference (and Dallas heat. Lawd..) Updates to come..


Okay, so ya girl made it to Dallas and is currently baking in this slavery heat. (high: 104 today). Arrived around 8:30 pm last night, in just enough time to mingle at the reception and then head off to the bar - where writers always end up. Ya'll know that right. Good times! More on that lata. Anyway, TiaStyle is handling her conference biz, and it's set to be an informative, enlightening weekend. Check out the workshop schedule. From "How to Secure an Agent" to "Copyrights" to "Screenplay Basics" to "Marketing and Promotion" - all the information is here, yo. In addition to fellowshipping with other writers - the networking opportunity is priceless.

Now. Lemme say this. I was so tired upon arrival, because once again, Supa was the victim of Baby Terrorism. You heard me. Meaning I was positioned between two screaming ass kids during the entire flight. I knew they were trouble when they sat down. Look.

See that little one? She cried the entire muthafuckin' time. THE ENTIRE TIME. And she wasn't just a "waa waaa" baby - she was a halfway talking baby, so the shit sounded like this for three fuckin' hours: "Waaaaa waaaa mommeeeeee i wannna bllmmbblinlgggg waaaaa waaaa cannn I have a pleeeasseeee noooooooo bblllblbbbbb waaaaaa waaaaaaaaa"

The mother would look around at us - all the other passengers who were staring at her - with the "what can I do?" expression on her face.

Bitch, please. Either comfort or threaten. Comfort or threaten.

Make a decision.

Give that damn kid a bottle, a nipple, a hug, a binkie, a snack, a near overdose portion of baby Tylenol, a piece of candy, a chicken wing, something. Or mad dog that lil' fool and tell her you'll knock her teeth out and eat them if she does NOT stfu. (Any/all of these always worked for me.) DO not just sit there and torture the rest of us. I swear that heiffer sat there and flipped through a magazine. ....

On a more positive note - hats off to Frontier Airlines! After being repeatedly traumatized by Janky Southwest, I felt like a formerly abused child now placed in a loving home...why with the personal in seat monitors and HELPFUL and attentive flight attendants and staff, I gotta say the experience was refreshing.

Anyway! It's Saturday, and the conference is off to a great start, and I just moderated my first session: Evelyn Palfrey's "Managing Your Booksigning." Very informative, because she hipped us to some traditional and guerilla tactics as far as promoting and marketing.

And wait - how cool is this: As I walked into the conference room this morning, my eye caught view of a sista and something she had in her hand - it was my book! She'd brought it with her on the chance I'd be there, so she could have me sign it. That made me feel really good. Wow.

So. Headed off to the Town Hall Luncheon: How African-American Authors Can Help Combat the Young Black Male Crisis Through Literature.

Workshops end at five, then the dinner reception, then the after hours party - Tia's Birthday Celebration at Club Che'. Lawd, the foolishness...

Will report back! Have a great weekend!


Supa said...

Testing. Blogger was actin' up earlier!

dpm said...

Why you messing up my first?.... Dang.

Have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Have a good time!!! What is the title of your book??

Nichelle said...

Blogger was tripping again?! I thought it was only me!

Anyway, have a good time in Dallas!

P said...

Fifth in line, yo.

So many things to say, so little energy in typing them.

Sup, the weather out here is mad crazy, too. It's a hot mess, pun intended.

You know I just came from Dallas, and I don't know how in the heck Tia can keep her 'hare' looking relatively decent with all that heat. Hotta than July! (hehe)

So, yeahk about being sandwiched between the junior Becky's. I'm surprised she didn't do a countdown, you know how that is.

"Okay. . One! Two".

Then they start over.

Man, that's some punk a$$ lazy move she pulled on y'all. There is no reason why a child should be crying for a two and a half hour plane ride. That just shows to go ya that she gets away with bloody murder with her mama Any.Given.Sunday.

Tia had mentioned that Black Male Seminar. I was very interested in that and would like your take on it.

Have a good time. Run, Run, Run, back to your air conditioned hotel room.

"Ding! You are now free to move about hot a$$ Dallas".

Sangindiva said...

Hey Supa!
I'm glad to hear you are having a grand ol' time-
when your ass snapped a pic of tat cryin' ass baby I FELL OUT!! you are a FOOL :) but I love it.

I'm more of a threaten and action mama myself...
but I guess you do have to comfort them sometimes :0
(I comfort with Nyquil- shhhh.... don't tell da folks on me)

African girl, American world said...

a chicken wing...LMBAO. Only you J can throw that in there - priceless!
I'm glad you're having out Southwest in blast LOL! Guess you won't ever fly them again.

i am she said...

I hope you're enjoying youself, at the writers conference. They're usually packed with loads of info, networkig etc.

I'll be attending the Harlem Book Fair, next week -- which is often aired on C-span, so maybe we can swap stories.

I'll be checking on your update too, on how it all went.

Beijos e amor!

Theresa said...

Hey girl just stop by to say I had a ball with you this weekend and I hope I get to make it out to LA soon..."Tee"

Anonymous said...


The kiddies were so cute (spoken like a true non-parent)


Hope you had fun Supa!

Knockout Zed said...

When I went to Florida I got terrorized by little Arab babies. People were already tense, basically "profiling" this family. Then their bad ass kids (four of 'em under the age of 5) started yelling and running up and down the isles. Horrific.

Enjoy the conference mama!


1969 said...

A little Benadryl before the flight usually works for my kids (Doctor recommended of course).

Have fun at the conference. Looking forward to all of the updates.

jasai said...

laugh my absolute ass off at "Bitch, comfort or threaten!"

dp said...

that Town Hall luncheon sounded like the place I needed to be.

Miz JJ said...

Mocha & I were on a flight and this kid just turned around and stared at us for most of the flight. I am all for having flights for just children and parents. They could fly once a week with all of them on the same plane and leave the rest of us in peace.

I'd like to hear more about that workshop. Sounds interesting.

nikki said...

LMAO@comfort or threaten. no DOUBT.

it kills me to see parents look helpless when it comes to their kids. what da FUCK?

Free said...

Chile, leave them little hollering ass chi'ren alone! (Bet you wanted to smack the mama, huh?)

Check you out -- got folks wanting an autograph. I'm happy for you, sis. While you're there (at the bar!) have a drank for me (cause you know I can't handle it myself. LOL)

Have fun & hurry back to give us the scoop.


Hummingbyrd said...

a near overdose portion of baby Tylenol
Drastic times= Drastic measures.