Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Supa Spotlight: Chillin' With GBaby

So there's this real fly chick, right? Sooo talented, with a gracious spirit, and deserving of some love. Trust! Her name is Sylvia Rundles, and she's an artist, painter, and founder of Gbaby Fashions. Supa came across her work about three years ago, while strolling Leimert Park, when she spotted Ms. Sylvia at a booth and hand painting the image of a beautiful black sista on a fly denim hobo bag. Simply fabulous! (And sistas, we know how difficult it is to find bags, Tshirts, business card holders, stationary, etc. with Nubian representation plastered all over it, right? Right.

Search no more.

Well - Fast forward a few years, and Gbaby now has her own fabulous boutique. Supa be posted up and chillaxin' there on the regular. And as a result of coasting through and shopping my azz off after yoga on Saturdays, Ms. Gbaby and I have formed a cool ass fellow artist sistafied type bond. Few months back, when I asked her if she would be willing to design my new book cover she said: "Girl, I thought you'd never ask!"

So. During these hot Cali summers, Ms. Gbaby holds a First Friday's event at her gallery, where folks can come shop, nibble, drink, enjoy the Live DJ, and be blessed with good positive vibes. It's also an opportunity for the local painters, artists, writers, etc. to fellowship and support one another..and oh yeah, yours truly will be doing a Passion, Pride, and Politickin' re-release reading there next month! So all you local peeps - be sure to come on out, enjoy the haps, and support ya girl!

Now, on to the goodies!!!

Welcome to Gbaby Art Gallery...

Sylvia aka "Gbaby" greeting me and Auntie

The Gallery on this month's First Friday event

Some of her fly shit (peep the bags, ladies..)

Supa, modeling a necklace
Tshirts I copped!! (Supa's a Tee fanatic.)

Hope ya'll enjoyed a lil' taste of Gbaby Artwear!!

Go here for more info, and to browse her goods. Shout out to Giovonnie - Sylvia's daughter who is a designer as well!

Gbaby Art Gallery
5428 Crenshaw Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90043


dpm said...

Damn. How do I do it? Anyhew, first Bitaches (yawn)...

911 said...

Website?????? Ma dukes a go crazy in there.

Single Ma said...

Oooh sounds nice! I'll check out the site but I wish I could visit the actual boutique. I get bored shopping in major chains all the time. Y'all got all the good stuff in Cali!

Cocoa Girl said...

She's muy talented...thanks for putting us on, Sup!

African girl, American world said...

Um, I need some tees ASAP!!! I ain't local so next time you go, lemme know and hook a sista up!
I trust your afternoon went well with the drinky drink and nap and all :)

Brave Lurker said...

When I return from South Cackalacky and the original Chocolate City (WDC for those who don't know), I'm taking a wad and spending in Gbaby. Thanks for the heads up Supa.

Sangindiva said...

Thanx for the heads up!
I'mma hafta get me a few tee's too :)
(Don't be mad if they look like yours!)

And don't be comin' to my spot actin' up!!!
I see you bad girl :0

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh you're gonna gimme a reason to leave hollywood huh?

funny everytime I go to liemert park i only see those bootleg ass black panthers!

I'm gonna have to to check out some black owned businesses!

P said...

I love the blacka owned. . .

And I love that authentically soul sister T-Shirt. . .

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

I sent them an email like a month ago regarding a handbag and they never got back to me. :(

Maybe I'll try again.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

I love it! Will have to check it out soon.