Sunday, July 30, 2006

Supa on Flics: Miami Vice

Yeah, I know - Puerto Rico details to come!

Quick interjection: Supa peeped Miami Vice this weekend.

Supa was sooo looking forward to this flic. For the usual reasons: She's an 80's child. Loved the original Miami Vice series. And she gets orgasmic anytime director Michael Mann works his magic on the big screen. Like, Heat and Collateral are among her top ten favorite movies list. So yeah. Supa was hella excited. And guess what.

I hated it. (hated it!) Big fucking yawner. Mediocre acting, implausible storyline, deficient back story and character development, uhhh, in layman's terms, the shit was craptastic. And it had nothing to do with the theater being so packed that we had to sit in the second row and could only concentrate on one area of the screen at a time. No. Wasn't it. It was just boring. And the suspension of belief was just too much to ask. I mean, who jumps on a yacht in Miami and zips off to Cuba simply to have a mojito and dance at da club? Okay, that's a helluva balla move, but whatever. Just no. Michael Mann, you owe Supa big time.

That is all. Carry on.

PR exploits on the way!!!


Sangindiva said...

Well I'm glad I didn't waste 50 million dollars at the movies to see it!!

Heeey Supa!

Supa said...

Heeey Diva! Missed ya'll. I've been having computer woes.... :(

nikki said...

daaang. it was that bad? well then i'm glad i didn't check it. the last thing i need is to waste money on a bad movie. they're too expensive as it is.

so you saying even jamie phoned his performance in?

Anonymous said...

I kinda think hoping on a yacht in Miami and zipping off to Cuba simply to have a mojito and dance at da club is a very ballerific thing to do. I may have to go see this movie for myself.

I wonder how many women would love me if I did that.

Supa said...

@ Espi: Dude. No doubt! That Miami/Cuba/mojito shit was ballerific and would definitely warrant some "put it down on a brotha" (waaaay WAY down) action.

The rest of the flic was just meh!

@ Nikki: Jamie was...good. Not great. Not bad. Just...good. And oh how I HATE mediocre!!!! We know what ole boy is capable of.

African girl, American world said...

it just didn't look appealing to me and I'm an 80's fanatic too....just couldn't see it!

Theresa said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you I told errbody that movie was not going to be all it was hyped up to be..and I love me some Jamie Foxxx...If they just listen to me like when I told "Tee" about her keys girl I got the gift (lol) I could of saved you what is it $7.50 and popcorn hahaha...holla

P said...

What's wrong with your Treo?

Supa said...

Hey T!! Hey Mwabs!!

@ P: The damn thing won't hotsync. Think something is wrong with the data cable..

Phat_In_Phoenix said...

dang...i actually wanted to see it since i'm a 80's child myself, but oh well...there goes that..supa you are the cause of miami vice loosing $50million right does it feel...if it was that wack..GOOD

P said...

If you need another data cable lemme know.

And if you need to go into a store, then I can send you to Lakewood. I know it's not in your area, but they know me well in there. And they are good peeps.