Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Supa: On the Verge of a Vacation....

If I can go
I'll pack my things
soon as you say
Baby vamos
we'll fly away
like there is no
no tomorrow..

So, check it: Supa been runnin’ lately, right? Supa's been stressin' a bit, needin’ a break, a breather, some relaxation, right?

A lil’ vacay, right?

On account of being drained from the dreaded Routine and all the pathiggas in her midst, right? Supa deserves a lil’ funnin’ and sunnin’ and who-knows-what-else’n on a beautiful Caribbean island, right?

So, yo: Supa bout to take her chocolattahazz and be grown-and-sexy for a minute on the beautiful isle of Puerto Rico, so she can slip into some fabulous summatime wear (see above) and sink her pedicured toes into the sand and forget all her troubles while working on her tan and sippin' a strong umbrella drink, right?

(Say it with me…"right"…)

And who knows what kind of rithickulousness Supa’s bound to get into…, right?


Adios! I’ll be back, bitches……Smooches!

(Meanwhile, take the poll)


onecoolhoney said...

Have fun, chica! You know we're heading out for our vacation this weekend too! Stay safe and I'll TTY when we get back!

P said...



(Of course I'm talking about the food, right. . .RIGHT).


Dee said...

have a ball!! I know you will!!!!

Supa said...

Be safe and have a great trip, T!

P: - Yummy! Right... :)

D: Girl! I know you know I will!

Gotta go catch a plane... :)

Sangindiva said...

Aww... Have a great time!
I'm jealous... but only a little :)

1969 said...

Enjoy that trip Supa...kick up some sand and throw back some Bacardi for me.

bunny said...

Hope you don't get sandwiched in with some hollerin' kids on the plane again! If you go to the rainforest take a jacket and some bug repellent cause they will eat you alive up in there.

Have fun in the sun for all of us Supa!!

Knockout Zed said...

Everytime I come on this page I get called a "bitch"!

I feel like trying to practice taking off that "summertime wear" with my fuckin' teeth.


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

LMAO @ least this time is wasn't ME callin you a bitch! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Sounds suspect...Puerto Rico must be crackin this time of year...someone else I know has taken off for P.R. too...hmmm...

Yall ain't foolin nobody!! Stop frontin!!!

Have a fabulous time out there actin like a couple of pathiggas all wrapped up in your rithickulousness!! I ain't mad at'cha...ok maybe a little. :)

1969 said...

Phoenix..I peeped that joint excursion to Puerto Rico too....I hope Supa whips it on the brother :)

Anonymous said...

I want to go!!! But seriously, enjoy Puerto Rico. Its a beautiful island.

jameil1922 said...

get it girl! i was torn b/t felonious and inciting a riot. both sound quite fun! :)

zingtrial said...

Hi. have a nice time Wish you well