Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Holidays (and Puberty) at the Supa Pad....

So Supa and RR#2
were getting all primped and ready to indulge in some after-Xmas shopping this morning, and we so just happened to bump into each other while getting dressed - post-shower. (only one downstairs bathroom - growl.)

Interjection: Supa was well aware that The Girl (RR#2- now 12 and a half) had been growing her "buds" since late summer. However - Supa was ill prepared to witness the growth happening uh....down below.

Let's resume.

So Supa, fighting a case of wicked case of naseau while witnessing her youngest child's blossoming womanhood, fell swiftly into liberal mom mode and began to (again) blithely discuss with The Girl, the wonders of becoming a young lady, and how to honor and take care of oneself physically, emotionally and otherwise, and all sorts of other female womanly shit, blah, blah blah.

All the while, Supa couldn't wait to get on the horn to advise, plot, and plan with RR#2's daddy - The Supa-Ex. (divorced 7 years. Now we're BFF)

Conversation as follows:

Supa: Okay listen. Our girl's growing her pubes. The buds - I know you knew. But the pubes. Did you know that?!?

Supa-Ex: Nah. Damn. I didn't know that. would I know that? She doesn't even let me walk into the bathroom when she's in there!

Supa: (mindlessly rambling) Yeah, so I figure she's got about 5, 6 months tops before she gets her cycle. I mean it's ok...we've been talking about this stuff since she's was nine...we knew it was coming. Damn. Our little girl is growing up. So beautiful. I think I'm gonna be sick.

Supa-Ex: Well, Supa. We're doing a good job. Been schooling her early on. And it's a damn good thing I carry a nine for a living. I'll pop a cap in a fool's ass, any knucklehead even think of touchin' my babygirl. What you wearing?

Supa: Pink pajama pants and a boy-beater. Sittin' in front of the fireplace.

Supa-Ex: Panties?

Supa: Yep. Black bikinis. But bra-less. Titties all loose.

Supa-Ex: Oooh...

Supa: So, have another one of those daddy-daughter talks, okay?

Supa-Ex: No doubt. I'll handle it. She'll be fine. You'll be fine...

Supa: Hey, you know they just killed that mufucka Sadaam? I mean, I turned on the news at 6 and they were still transferring his ass. Watched a movie, turned the news back on, and next thing I know, they done hung his butt!

Supa-Ex: Pour out some liquor!

Supa: Gangsta down! Is there a heaven for a "G?" Think he kickin' it with Tookie?!

Supa-Ex: No tellin'. So, hey. Duty calls. Car pursuit on the 405. Gotta bounce. Turn on the news.

Supa: Okay, Supa Daddy. Handle ya biz. I'll flash you if I see ya.

Supa-Ex: (sigh) Pubic hair, hunh?

Supa: Pubes. Our little girl...

Supa and Supa-Ex: Goooddd daaamn....

Supa: Later, Mr. LAPD. Don't beat nobody's ass.

Supa-Ex: Take your panties off.

Supa: Pervert. Tell your new wife to take her panties off.

Supa-Ex: Aw, that's cold-

Supa: CLICK.

Happy fucking holidays!!



Saturday, December 23, 2006


(my favorite Jamaican sunset)

....the spirit of being alive! Happy Holidays and all that good ish!

(Thanks for all the words of wisdom, compassion, and encouragement
on the last post, Blogger Fam. Much love.)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Real Talk

"everyone who loses somebody
wants revenge on someone..
on God if they can't find anyone else..."

I'm thankful school's done! (for now) So, now I can get back to things I've long neglected; like washing the car, catching up on laundry, re-embracing my & others blogs, watching the Ti-Voed episodes of 30 Rock and Nip/Tuck, ironing out the wrinkles in my social/romantic life. Catching a movie. Downloading some new music. Being able to chill, for a minute.

Reflect. Absorb.

But, yeah. It's also that time of year. The time of year that demands a certain amount of holiday cheer that I can't seem to muster. The same time I usually flee, unable to fake it, and take refuge on a Carribean island where I can wrap myself in warmth and thoughts and memories of years past.

For the last four years, since mommy died five days before Christmas (2002) and my little sis's murdered body was found in the woods (2003) - both on December 20th - I just haven't been able to deal with the holidays. The island of Jamaica has been my sanctuary. It's a tradition for which I've been graciously thankful; Christmas in the Carribean. Sadness, rum punch, and a tropical sunset seems so much easier to bear. But I won't have the luxury this year. Too many things going on. Good things, positive things...though for a variety of reasons, I'm forced to stay put. (much to the disappointment of a certain dreamy-eyed Jamaican cutie...hey George) *wink*

But on the real. School has kept me constructively distracted over the past few months. Distracted enough for me to not obsess over the fact that my sister's murder trial is set to start in a few weeks. Imagine that. I still come home and have to remind myself that I can't call her, to let her know I got an A on my anatomy exam. To ask her to help me take my braids down. To bitch at her about something or another. Big sister shit. Why hasn't she called? It's been three years and I still have these crazy lapses. Same thing with mom. Starting to wonder if it'll always be this way. Death and loss are such a mindfuck. Repeatedly trying to adjust to the new normal..

But, yo. Some strange shit has been running through my head lately. Like - am I really ready to face this muthafucker down in court? What would happen if I just didn't go to the trial? I'd swore I could never step foot in the state of Georgia, ever again. On the soil where my sister lost her life. And now I'm supposed to get on a plane and go there for a criminal trial? Could I do that? Or...could I live with myself if I didn't go? Fuck. Will I be able to conduct myself if I do?

I mean, I've worked real hard on cleansing myself of the anger, hatred, malicious revenge plots and hopes of a violent prison-style sodomy rape against this dude. Lately, I guess you could say I've slowly approached a feeling of wavering indifference. (on a good day) But I suspect it all might change if/when I'm in the same room with this fool. I mean, this fuck drove my lil' sis to her death. Plotted the whole thing. Escorted her out his car, then shot her in the back of the head with a 9 millimeter then rolled her down a ditch. Stripped her naked then covered her with leaves and left her to die. While she was six months pregnant with their child. Belly showin' and everything. A little niece I never got to see or hold. I'm still angry. Not as fucking angry as I use to be, but still pretty pissed enough. Still hurt, on a more than a few different levels. My soul is definitely lighter, but don't misunderstand. I'm still working on that "forgiveness" shit.

Am I ready to face all this? (the trial) Can I live with myself if I don't....I just don't know, ya'll. I've been in a real good space lately, and having to revisit all of this in a concrete way is giving me mixed feelings.

Life is a wonderful tragedy.

Monday, December 11, 2006


A cyber round of mojitos for everyone!! 'Cause ya girl handled her bizness and pulled down an A on her anatomy final. Oh, excuse me - A +.

Whaaat? Yep. Supa was able to intelligently identify and articulate why the cardiovascular process is a closed-looped system and what role the intercostals play in the respiratory process and the myriad of functions of lattisimus dorsi and quadratus lumburom and what muscles are synergistic and antagonistic and blah blah BLAH!

I ACED THAT SHYT!!! In the immortal words of Lester Burnham: It's a great thing when you realize you have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do...

So, gotta go reward myself with some new boots now. Like these or these or these. Heh. (Supa is soooo glad that shit is OVA!!!) Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!

Thanks for the love, Blogger Fam. And anon - if you want your prize, hit a sista up on email.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Supa the Schoolgirl....

That's right boys and girls, Supa is furiously studying her azz off in preparation for this week's final....and the shyt is no joke.(!!) Like, I didn't realize when I signed up for this course, that I'd end up being damn near pre-med. But it's all good. I'ma cram this whole semester into my brain within the next few days, then miraculously forget it all once the test is done. (ha! not really) Wish me luck!!!

Meanwhile, Supa's got a lil' something fun for ya. I will send a complimentary copy of 3P to the first person who can answer these questions: (1) What are the muscles of scapular stabilazation and EACH of their functions, (2) what's the strongest muscle in the body, and (3) define the ASIS and where it's located.

(does all this make your head hurt? welcome to my world!!!)