Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Supa the Schoolgirl....

That's right boys and girls, Supa is furiously studying her azz off in preparation for this week's final....and the shyt is no joke.(!!) Like, I didn't realize when I signed up for this course, that I'd end up being damn near pre-med. But it's all good. I'ma cram this whole semester into my brain within the next few days, then miraculously forget it all once the test is done. (ha! not really) Wish me luck!!!

Meanwhile, Supa's got a lil' something fun for ya. I will send a complimentary copy of 3P to the first person who can answer these questions: (1) What are the muscles of scapular stabilazation and EACH of their functions, (2) what's the strongest muscle in the body, and (3) define the ASIS and where it's located.

(does all this make your head hurt? welcome to my world!!!)



Anonymous said...

1. The main muscles providing scapular stabilization are the rhomboids (major and minor), trapezius, and serratus anterior. The rhomboids work together to retract the scapula (shoulder blades). The trapezius is responsible for drawing the shoulder blades up and pulling the shoulder blades down. The serrats anterior (under the armpits) pulls the scapula forward, as in a punching motion.

2. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. I guess talking and kissing require a lot of heavy lifting.

3. The anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) is located on the outer crest of the pelvis.

Please make autograph out to L.D. Love ya!

onecoolhoney said...

Oh well. Too late. hehehe

Good luck on the final!! Thanks for the pic today!! Looks absolutely beautiful!! I'm trying my best to be there!

African girl, American world said...

honey I swore off all things body related after taking Anatomy! This reminds me of my pre-med years...the horror!

I know it gets you off so I'm happy.

Good Luck on your final! I know you'll ace it :)

onefromphilly said...

I don't even understand the question? LOL

Good luck on the final.. SHOW EM WHAT YOU WORKIN WITH!

Supa said...

Go 'head on, Anonymous!!!

You missed a muscle in answer ONE. (It's an easy one)...

AND - #2 is not exactly correct!! Just kinda sorta correct. :) (you're THISCLOSE)

SO - hurry back, anon! Otherwise, the fat lady hasn't yet sung... :)

Anonymous said...

Aw comeon, professor? Can't you let me slide? Gettin all technical and whatnot. Okay here goes:

The other muscle providing scapular stabilization is the, uhhhh...SCAPULAR muscle?

The strongest muscle in the body is the is the masseter muscle, which is located in the jaw (but tongue is a much sexier answer).

My head hurts! Good luck on the final, Supa...I know you'll represent!

Supa said...

OK Anon! LOL.

You got it. I'll let ya slide 'cause you're damn close: Levator Scapula.

Yes, and MASSETER was the term Professor 'Sup was lookin' for. Ha!

Hit me up on email @ supa_sister@yahoo.com, send me your mailing address. :)

bunny said...

Damn Supa what kinda class you takin' sheeeeeeetttt!! Sending good luck vibes to you.

Brave Lurker said...

See, this is why I'm a historian. : ) Best of luck Supa!

jameil1922 said...

erm.. uh... sorry ask me some media questions.

P said...

The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone?

Anonymous said...

Couldnt this have been anthropology related???

Brave Lurker said...

jameil1922 . . . E-yiip girl!!!

Spr. 92 - Gamma Chpt.
(Sorry for the shout outs on your board Miss Supa.)

Single Ma said...

Hey Supa! *wavin*

G'on get that ejamakation girl! :-)

Free said...

I won't win any contests, but you got my vote for knowing how to make a brain hurt real hard!

#1: Um. I'm reading that question for the fourth time just to understand it...

#2: Your heart. Just that you are tackling this kind of stuff tells me that

#3: The "ASIS" where my brain went when I tried reading question 1 for the fifth time!

(Seriously, chick. I have to stand and applaud you for this pursuit.)