Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Holidays (and Puberty) at the Supa Pad....

So Supa and RR#2
were getting all primped and ready to indulge in some after-Xmas shopping this morning, and we so just happened to bump into each other while getting dressed - post-shower. (only one downstairs bathroom - growl.)

Interjection: Supa was well aware that The Girl (RR#2- now 12 and a half) had been growing her "buds" since late summer. However - Supa was ill prepared to witness the growth happening uh....down below.

Let's resume.

So Supa, fighting a case of wicked case of naseau while witnessing her youngest child's blossoming womanhood, fell swiftly into liberal mom mode and began to (again) blithely discuss with The Girl, the wonders of becoming a young lady, and how to honor and take care of oneself physically, emotionally and otherwise, and all sorts of other female womanly shit, blah, blah blah.

All the while, Supa couldn't wait to get on the horn to advise, plot, and plan with RR#2's daddy - The Supa-Ex. (divorced 7 years. Now we're BFF)

Conversation as follows:

Supa: Okay listen. Our girl's growing her pubes. The buds - I know you knew. But the pubes. Did you know that?!?

Supa-Ex: Nah. Damn. I didn't know that. would I know that? She doesn't even let me walk into the bathroom when she's in there!

Supa: (mindlessly rambling) Yeah, so I figure she's got about 5, 6 months tops before she gets her cycle. I mean it's ok...we've been talking about this stuff since she's was nine...we knew it was coming. Damn. Our little girl is growing up. So beautiful. I think I'm gonna be sick.

Supa-Ex: Well, Supa. We're doing a good job. Been schooling her early on. And it's a damn good thing I carry a nine for a living. I'll pop a cap in a fool's ass, any knucklehead even think of touchin' my babygirl. What you wearing?

Supa: Pink pajama pants and a boy-beater. Sittin' in front of the fireplace.

Supa-Ex: Panties?

Supa: Yep. Black bikinis. But bra-less. Titties all loose.

Supa-Ex: Oooh...

Supa: So, have another one of those daddy-daughter talks, okay?

Supa-Ex: No doubt. I'll handle it. She'll be fine. You'll be fine...

Supa: Hey, you know they just killed that mufucka Sadaam? I mean, I turned on the news at 6 and they were still transferring his ass. Watched a movie, turned the news back on, and next thing I know, they done hung his butt!

Supa-Ex: Pour out some liquor!

Supa: Gangsta down! Is there a heaven for a "G?" Think he kickin' it with Tookie?!

Supa-Ex: No tellin'. So, hey. Duty calls. Car pursuit on the 405. Gotta bounce. Turn on the news.

Supa: Okay, Supa Daddy. Handle ya biz. I'll flash you if I see ya.

Supa-Ex: (sigh) Pubic hair, hunh?

Supa: Pubes. Our little girl...

Supa and Supa-Ex: Goooddd daaamn....

Supa: Later, Mr. LAPD. Don't beat nobody's ass.

Supa-Ex: Take your panties off.

Supa: Pervert. Tell your new wife to take her panties off.

Supa-Ex: Aw, that's cold-

Supa: CLICK.

Happy fucking holidays!!




Miss Ahmad said...


damn little girls growing up huh?

well i guess that means that there will soon be two women in the house!

aah the beauty of life!!

P said...

I concur with Glam.

Equally as important, I see that there is an open area of communication between both her mom and her dad, so she can know one, how to act as a woman, and two, how to act with a man and how a man should act with her (the latter two coming from her dad, Mr. Po-Po).

Like Mr. Supa said, it's good that both of you have raised her well, and that everything you taught her (more later than sooner, we all hope) will be put into action, and that's what good parenting is all about.

Ah, the joys of puberty. . .Ay, Sup, remember those movies they showed us in elementary school when we had to get a parent's signature on there, and then after the movie, they gave you a goodie bad with kotex, and other feminine products?

I know I'm not the only one that saw the movie, thankyouverymuch.

Happy New Year!

African girl, American world said...

oh my damn, pubic hair!!! A young lady right before your eyes!
and LOL @ whachu wearing? it never fails! not cold, just reality :)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

So I wonder what my mom said when she realized I hit puberty? Lol!!

I am so glad I am not a parent. I would not know what to say.

1969 said...

Puberty huh....I remember going through it and my parents handing me a book to read. LOL

You and the ex are too funny. LMAO @ what chu wearing?

Get ready for the hormonal teenaged daughter. Not fun....but I know you can handle it.

Happy New Year!

smoothie said...

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The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Happy New Year sis!! I'm thinkin the WCBH needs to round up the ladies to celebrate 2007 real propa-like! :)

Ok, this is why I'm glad I have sons...although when Middle Little announced that he had a BIG ONE and then flashed it to me...

"Mommy! MOOMMMMYYYY!! LOOK!!! I have a BIG ONE! Wanna see?"

:::dumb look:::


Then the little fool pulled his dick out. OMG!! He discovered an erection...and he was 4 at the time. What ELSE do I have to look forward to? I think I'm gonna pass out just thinking about it!!

And the Supa-Ex is OFF THE HOOK!! Only a man can ruin a perfectly innocent conversation with some panty talk... *sigh*

Holla @ me girl...we need to hook up and SOON!!! Swing by my page, I have a little surprise...

Supa said...

@ Ms. Ahmad: Hey sis! Two women in the house?!? (biting nails.)

@ P: Those movies were sooo fuckin' corny, weren't they??

@ Mwabs: Ex or no ex - they always askin' about the panties, 'aint they?! lol

@ Espi: Word...

@ 1969: Girl...

@ Smoothie: Will check ya!

@ Tam: Will roll by ya spot!

Happy New Year, er'body!!

Miz JJ said...

My ex-sister in law (best friend) is having the same issues with my niece. She is ten and got her first bra before Christmas. They grow up so fast.

That conversation with you and your ex is hilarious.