Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New Days, New Ways, Purple Haze....

"This is our last dance,
this is ourselves..under pressure."
~David Bowie and Queen, circa 1981

I gotta say, with the whole world just fucking falling apart, it's just a great big fat sigh of relief. Whew. Gives Supa a reason to relax, and maybe whip up a new batch of mischief. New days, new ways!

Supa 2009 Objectives

# 1. No more itemized lists. #2. Live, love, laugh, fuck up, and forgive myself. Encourage others to do same. #3. Take a new experimental approach toward writing, being, drinking, men, drugs, organic food, love, and stiletto height. #4. In short, nudge the supa swagga to new levels.. (pack and deliver like UPS trucks/already going to Hell, just pumpin' that gas..)

Be right back,


#5. Oh, and no more chilli-cheese fry binges.

(What ya'll up to??)

Set it off, Oakland.


From Gullah to Ghetto and now Ivory Tower said...

Yeah, you're back! I use to go under the moniker "Fo' Real in LA" (and you recommender your braider to me about 2 yrs. ago) but things have changed since then like my location.

Make it do what it do in '09.

Nexgrl said...

I'm trying to maintain a healthier way of eating. I've begun to see results both physically and mentally.

Supa said...

Gullah: Heeeey! Gonna roll by your spot.

Nexgirl: Sounds like you're off to a great start!!

Here's to 2009..

bunny said...

Hey Supa,

Despite the storm I'm going through right now I'm prayerful that 2009 will be good to and for me. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere, if only sporadically.

I miss tales about the ruff ryders and all the good and bad ish that goes on in the life of Supa Dupa.

I know you gotta give us a hit on this historical day coming up on the 20th. I know you got it in you to give us a little sumthin, sumthin.

Peace, light and love to you and all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Supa,
I check in on you every so often to see how you're doin. I think Supa is your alter like (beyonce and sasha). Life at the plantation is well. How's the next book coming along?