Thursday, September 04, 2008

20 (something) Questions...

1. How's this big, beautiful, zany world treating you, Blogger Fam??!?

2. Who else still wonders if Tony Soprano actually got whacked, or is off somewhere living his ficticious, sociopathic life?

3. Sarah Palin? Really?

4. Why can I text all day everyday and night, yet get severely annoyed when someone attempts to reach me by making an actual voice-on-voice cell phone call?

5. What, is God mad at Haiti?

6. Where the fuck's Osama?

7. Do we change, or just become more fully who we really are?

8. What's up with this fetish I have: the male species and sexy accents? Whether it be Portuguese, British, Punjabi, Inglewood, Welsh, Australian, Compton-ian, Italian, Russian, East Los Angelese, Brooklyn, et al? (Not German. Or Dutch.)

9. Who else believes aggravated battery is the appropriate punishment for lazy ass folk who get on an elevator to ride one floor up or down, in like a 20 story highrise? Just me?

10. How come alcoholic beverages taste so good?

11. When September rolls around, who else starts wondering what the world would be like if Pac was still in it?

12. Will I ever get over my irrational Clive Owen crush? Considering I’m newly (and obsessively) infatuated with Bruce Wayne/Bat Man/The Dark Knight/Christian Bale? (He had me at The Machinist)

13. Why is it nowadays when I’m enjoying some bass-banging, inane, totally ignorant rap music in the whip, I turn the volume waaay down at red lights & stop signs - so no one else can hear what I’m listening to?

14. Does Supa still love hip-hop?

15. Should I be concerned that my dog appears to be lesbian?

16. And that while playing on the sofa, she attempts to include me(more specifically: my arm or leg) in three-way humping sessions between her girl stuffed rabbit animal, herself, and me?

17. What happened to the days when having a mediocre case of obsessive-compulsive disorder was explained away with cute little savory quips such as: “creative,” “special,” “organized,” "different," “quirky,” “eccentric,” “given to harmless fits of agitation,” “anal retentive,” or simply “control freak?”

18. What happened to the “Love Jones” movie sequel?

19. And where the hell is Larenz’ fine ass?

20. Is it evolved, pimpalicious (thanks D), or disturbing to have a get-together at a posh bar and invite three of your ex-boyfriends to come hang? And they all show up?

21. And they chat and drink together, while you’re wilding out on the dance floor sandwiched between two random dudes; and you wink at said ex's while throwing up the peace sign?

22. Who else is considering a move to Canada if this November shit doesn’t work out right?

23. Can you say “American Psycho?”

24. Who else cringed while watching (and reading) this fool’s amazing, disgusting, sadistic fall from grace?

25. And who else now thinks four, five times before sending those raunchy text messages to the co-worker you’re (halfway thinking about) fucking?

26. How grateful would you be if today, you lost everything – and then tomorrow, got it all back?

~ Supa, out.

PS- Sorry for the junky formatting, either blogger or my new laptop is triipppin'


Skinnyman said...

i have a question: why is it that i always happen to stop by your blog on the very day that you post a new entry? (all your fans know how rare that is!)

destination: vancouver on the first Wednesday of November if things don't work out (but they WILL work out...right?)

i think the word you're looking for is "pimpalicious." as in, that's some pimpalicious shit you did there with your exes!

i'd answer the rest verbally if i could ever get you on the effin' phone! lol. love ya supa!

Supa said...

Hey D-Love! Thanks for the shout. :)
Dude, I'm gonna call you....

mrpunchcar said...

i'm gonna text you later with my portugese accent.

ur lesbian dog and my homo cat should hookup sometime...

larenz tate says hello. he just hooked up my subway sandwich.

Unruly Brown said...

Now there is a nice surprise. You're blogging again. I'm blogging again. CDawson is blogging again. Funny how writers always end up coming back full circle to writing again.

Was just coming by to see if there were any signs of life over here. Hope life is treating you well.

I've been cringing for quite some time over Kwame's ignorance. Never been attracted to a coworker so nah. Definitely not Canada - I don't do snow like that. LOL @ #20 and #21...that's how real playas do. Re: #14, be interested to hear you answer that after you peep MC Lyte's Almost September group's new CD. #4, yeah, that's exactly why I quit texting yo ass back!!! *smh*

Supa said...

Punchcar: U stoopid! *sigh*

UNRULY: Wha what!! What's up WonderTwin?! Lookin' pretty unruly in that cap. Love it.

U ready for world domination? I'm feeling kinda ready....

Holla :)

That Girl Tam said...

Well I done already sent my comments via No need to repeat myself...just wanted you to know that I'm glad you're back - for as long or as short as you plan on stickin around!!


Oh yeah...and thank you soooooooo much for coming to my shower!! I love you so much for that!!!

African girl, American world said...

Thanks Ma for checking in on me the other day. Things are looking up. I think it makes perfect sense that you communicate via text only...I'm sure you even text your kids when they're in their rooms LOL

I had so much fun with you. Love you Ma!

Eb the Celeb said...

Girl no matter how much I want a Love JOnes sequel.... you know it would never have that essence that the original had...

Nexgrl said...

I did and still do cringe every time I hear about Kwame. I don't know him personally, but I do know some of his friends.
I've always gotten the feeling that because of who his Mom is, he thought that he was invincible.

Supa said...

eb the celeb: You right. Going home to watch it 2nite. Gonna roll through your blog spot!

nexgrl: re: Kwame: Fucking. Idiot.

Supa said...

oh, and Mwabs: YES I DO text spawn from the next room. How'd you guess?!

So so glad to hear things are better!