Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tears, Tatts, and Triumph

So ya girl is checkin' in. Still in chill-and-absorb mode, but I'm compelled to simply say thank you. Thank you to everyone - my regular readers and Blogger Fam, the lurkers and first time commenters, friends (on and offline), and fam bam - all of you who kept me close and in your thoughts and hearts and prayers. Couldn't have done it without you - believe it.

The trial started out rough and I had to stop posting about it for two reasons - one, after realizing the details were making me feel worse and pushing me back toward insanity, and two, after being "warned" by the court that even my little ole blog ramblings might have an outcome on the trial. So in true Supa fashion I busied myself, got some new tattoos, allowed myself to collapse into the comforting space of loved ones and everyday life. And yeah, that's about it. So it's all over now but not really; things never really balance out, yes the trial is done and the murderer was handed down three life sentences (I'm slightly pleased, as another trial watcher commented), and so now life will and can move forward, yet the hard fact that lil' sis still 'aint comin' home is the continual sobering reality. But I think she's happy; she's been sending me little signs. And she's free. That's what pushes me forward.

I would do some personal shout outs, but the list would be too long. Ya'll know who you are. I'll be back in a minute, a sista just needs some time and space to breeaathe. And who knows, an impromptu trip to Jamaica just might be in the mix. Yess..

Be well, Blogger Fam!

~ Supa


Brave Lurker said...

May you be peace at every measure . . .

phat_in_phoenix said...

Supa, supa, supa....ya girl been praying for ya. I was doing the google to find out! I was so happy when I read about the verdict. he's facing no joke. God is good and vengence (sp?) is HIS! I understand about the blog. take the time u need, just know that i'm here.

Peace & Blessings

onefromphilly said...

I'm glad for you that this part is over. It could not have been easy. That's why we were all praying so hard for you. I hope this does bring a measure of peace to you and the souls of your sister and your mother. God is GOOD.

You SHOULD take that very needed trip to the island!

1969 said...

Supa...I have been praying for you. I know your sister can not be replaced and the punishment could never be enough for that loss but let his AZZ rot in jail for the rest of his life. AMEN.

Take that much needed trip and relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

African girl, American world said...

I love you!
And I love that lil Sis is sending you signs.
Enjoy Jamaica!

Trent Jackson said...


I'm glad that GOD is carrying you through this trying time. We never know where life is going to take us - but we know that things are in Gods favor...

When you get a minute - email me so we can chat...

Miz JJ said...

I do believe that your lil' sis is still with you and it was amazing to read she is sending you signs. Enjoy your trip. Peace & blessings.

Anonymous said...

I admire how you take care of yourself with trips and spa treatments etc. Many women at any age and many more after becoming mothers do not continue to nurture themselves. You are an inspiration.


BKBajan said...

A friend sent this to me today and I am passing it on to you and the blogger fam. . . cuz we are here for you all the time.

God has kept me here for a reason.
I survived because He has a plan for me. All my bad relationships, the consequences, the hard times, the sad times, the death of my loved ones, the back stabbing from my friends, the negative thoughts, or the lack of support; I made it because I am blessed! I release and let go of all past hurts, misunderstandings and grudges
because I am abundantly blessed! I recognize them as the illusions
they are, and sent from the enemy to kill my spirit, steal my joy, and destroy my faith; For God is all there is. All else is a lie! Now give yourself a hug, wipe your tears away and walk in victory!!!! I love you, but more appropriately God loves you BEST! Be blessed and know that you are at one with THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD! And may the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.
Genesis 31:49. Amen!

Now since you are a true child of God, you know that with every
blessing, a blessing is required! So be a blessing to another, by
passing this on.

Neecha said...

You really are Supa! May God continue to bless you, and it makes me smile knowing that your lil sis is sending you signs and you can move on with her in your heart. Have fun in Jamaica.


nikki said...

i'm glad everything's over. man, that was a short trial!

i'm sure your sis is proud of how you kept your spirits up, as are all of us.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Hey sis!

I'm glad that the trial is over, justice was served and now your sister and her unborn baby can rest peacefully.

I DO expect to see you on the 14th!! We've got cause to celebrate a GANG of shit now! the trial outcome, the WCBH ONE YEAR Anniversary and my birthday...hell isn't YOUR birthday around the corner too? We're gonna have a blast!

Have a safe trip...must be nice! :)

Love ya!

P said...

You did the right thing. Thank you for not compromising the trial, and taking care of yourself in the process, surrounding yourself by those who love you most, including your sister, who loves you and is close to you still.

There is a Japanese proverb that says "Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight". You have stood this test. And you have, and will go on.

Jamal, we are all very proud of your strength.

Miss Ahmad said...

hey miss lady, you have been heavy on my mind and in my prayers not just that but hearing about the importance of this trail to you has made me rethink before i throw away another jury duty slip.

i mean real spit that jury and those who served helped bring justice at least their portion.

when my sister passed there was no trail or jury just her absence and i think as a result i had to create my closure. i hope this ends one chapter and creates a new beginning for another.

first round of cosmos on me when you are free to socialize!!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to stop, take a break, and breathe. I am glad to see all is well.

What does the new tatt look like?? I am thinking of getting one.

Single Ma said...


I'm so glad the trail is over and justice was served. Now your sister's soul can rest. And for you, Jamaica may be just what the doctor ordered. You deserve it. {{hugs}}

Supa said...

Thank you thank you everyone! Espi, pics of the new tatts to come :)