Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New Days, New Ways, Purple Haze....

"This is our last dance,
this is ourselves..under pressure."
~David Bowie and Queen, circa 1981

I gotta say, with the whole world just fucking falling apart, it's just a great big fat sigh of relief. Whew. Gives Supa a reason to relax, and maybe whip up a new batch of mischief. New days, new ways!

Supa 2009 Objectives

# 1. No more itemized lists. #2. Live, love, laugh, fuck up, and forgive myself. Encourage others to do same. #3. Take a new experimental approach toward writing, being, drinking, men, drugs, organic food, love, and stiletto height. #4. In short, nudge the supa swagga to new levels.. (pack and deliver like UPS trucks/already going to Hell, just pumpin' that gas..)

Be right back,


#5. Oh, and no more chilli-cheese fry binges.

(What ya'll up to??)

Set it off, Oakland.