Monday, August 17, 2009

I Did It My Way

"Great things are going to grow out of all this"
~ Anais Nin

I've spent senseless weeks figuring how to construct this entry in a fashion which matched my hesitant heart. I now realize it's been the severest form of emotional procrastination. I wanted to give some form of sweeping "poetic justice" to the finale, a summary of all that has been recorded, confessed, charted, and revealed in this blog. 'Tis useless. It would be an attempt to abbreviate a beautiful jagged journey in one sentence or less.

Pure childish, futility at its best.

Truth: It simply feels right for me to release TWOSS, now, let it stand on it's own - as a brief photograph into the world of one woman - the losses, discoveries, love, let downs, observations, rants, ponderings, and as always - the fragile hopes for a better future. My first blog entry was about the murder of a loved one, and there have been many like entries since. Life and loss have been too thick a thread woven into these words of dreams and wishes, and in them now are my desire to move forward. I must let it go; in order to catapult my words, my identity, and my future in to something bigger; something more.

No, I will never forget. It is unreasonable and impossible. This blog and its contents will be imprinted on my soul forever. I have celebrated, succeeded, shared, reveled, raged, given up, broken down, questioned, cursed, and fought my way back into the light - over and over again. And more than that, I have learned that compassion is present in this world; that there are good people existing within these tangled bandwiths who can support, relate, agree, and disagree with you - all through the written word, and out of love and respect.

I promise, I'm won't get mushy. This is not good-bye, just a bookmark of where the last seven years of The World of Supa Sister is parked. For posterity. This is merely a transition to the next chapter(s). You'll see me again soon, somewhere - and that's a promise. Partially, (oh did I forget) because I'm working on a new manuscript. (yay!) AND, in the meantime, a brand new blog to come.

Until then - stay blessed, stay supa.

"I've loved, I've laughed and cried.
I've had my fill; my share of losing.
And now , as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
and may I say, not in a shy way,
No, oh no, not me.
"Supa did it her way."

~Frank Sinatra, "I Did It My Way"


tia said...

Yay! I likes. Such lovely words (first paragraph is off the chain in its eloquence). I so love the way you write--apparently today is a good day for me and things I love. lol

Seriously though, looking forward to the new blog (I still vote for WP) AND the book! You know how I feel about starting anew with all the new blogs I've had. I really like my current one though. Let's hope that does not change. haha

Yep, let it go, boo! Onward! Love you!

Supa said...

Thanks, chica! Sincerely.

Now, you know I'mma need your Wordpress expertise :)

Forward, onward, upward!

Supa said...

Love you toooooo!

Anonymous said...

Man, your writing is amazing. I'm sad to see her go but I'm raising a glass on the East Coast regarding what's to come!
Cocoa G.

P said...

Hmm. . .

I rarely get on my Facebook desktop style because I'm a blackberry kind of chick. But I am grateful that I did today. . .And saw the link.

I had something scripted to write which sounded similar to 'say it ain't so, don't go', until I read the content - and I GET IT.

Yet in still, I am bittersweet about what I see here. Mixed feelings not so much so as it relates to doing what you need to do and keeping it pushing, but as it relates to my irrational phobias that have to do with letting go.

But this is the right thing. It reminds me of an athlete who retires at the right time, and moves on to something else. From a technical standpoint, you are not retiring, you are moving on another phase, another transition, but the analogy is befitting.

This blog, IN particular, is about a certain phase, even perhaps pivotal transitional points, that have landed you where you are today. It is now encapsulated forever in cyberspace. We were there when you were in pain, out of pain, in the darkness, and coming out of the dark. We are but voyeurs, outsiders looking in, yet in still, blessed and at least for myself, grateful to have a view to a kill into the World According to Supa Sister.

How can we become blessed with what else is in store for us, but to listen to our hearts, the spirit and the drive that tells us that it is time to move on.

Yes, I will never forge that this is where I fell in love (and in love in an appropo word) with:

One Cool Sista
Supa Sista
The Diary of Jaimie
Glamazon/2320 (?)/Aunt Jackie
That Girl Tam
Sangin Diva
Cocoa Girl on the Job
Indigo Trails of My Thoughts. . .

A few of which transformed into wonderful, beautiful relationships that I will carry with me forever.

You Tia, and residue of Nisa, in particular, set my feet on a path that I have been searching for on this dirt road of life for several years.

The Next Chapter beckons. Your cyber audience, fans, friends, voyeurs, sisters, family, mother, sister, WCBH's, and most importantly, your soul, await the Rebirth of Slick.

Be Well,

Sangindiva said...

WOW! Reading P's comment made tears come to my eyes! She so befittingly summed up EVERYTHING! LOL!

I am so glad that through the medium of blogging I met this fabulous
SUPA Gemini Genius...
I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things life has in store for you. Hopefully one of those new blog posts will include our Gemini Diva celebration...that will include drinks!

J. A. Barnes said...

A beautiful ending. I understand about moving on. Hope I can get there one day. I love you and support you all the way. Can't wait to hear more about the new ms.

African girl, American world said...

I will forever be grateful for the day I read, "Hey Supa Sista from another Supa Sista" and clicked on your blog. Your words, your writing, YOU...we were connected from the start. This is the perfect way to go out - on top!

Nexgrl said...

I'm glad to know that you aren't giving up blogging, just changing avenues. I wish you well.

bren30ed said...

It was nice hearing from u the other day. Wasn't the best circumstances but I glad you called. I often check out ur blog to check on you. Glad ur still writing. Take care and KIT.
Brenda E.

chrome said...

wish you well sweetheart. learnt much, fell virtually in love ;) alladat

great writer you are and wish you great stuff for the future.


urbanfrugalchick said...

You will be missed!

ceda or cedent cant remember what i used to sign as :-) said...

very nicely worded -- haven't commented much over the years but always anticipated what you had to say -- please share when you finish the book so I can pick it up -- take care it has been a wonderful (albiet quiet on my part) ride...

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Two years late but MY GOD. Amazing writer you are. All of you.


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