Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh, Commodus!

"It's hard not to get offended when you sit there with your little smile when you say, "We think this is a hoax." Because you're talking about my life. As if my life is a fucking joke to you! You can do the "some may say," and put it on them. But it's your question. It's hard not to take it personally and feel like you're saying my life is a fucking joke."
~ Joaquin Pheonix, 2009

Oh, Joaq. How many of us have been sitting at a press junket while supposedly promoting our new movie, and have wanted to utter the same exact thing! How I feel you. Those evil journalists!

Seriously, though. I understand it is no longer your passion to act in silly movies, even in relatively good ones like Gladiator and To Die For. Of course we should not judge your wants and wishes, like dropping a rap album and walking around looking like some upscale, whacked out version of Fidel Castro. It's all the pressure, dude. *sniff* I've been there.

It's classic; the tragedy of the talented. As one of your true fans, I say fuck them and do YOU.

But get back on your psych meds. You're scaring people.

Do your thing dude,



son of superman said...

joaq boy is crazy with his. maybe he does have that rap album in him (so do the rest of us)

sweets you've been M.I.A (especially on flickr). what? we don't mean much to you no more :)

mrpunchcar said...

he does river proud.

Bunny Brown said...

"But get back on your psych meds"


Free said...

Is he being for real - or is all this strange behavior a stunt for publicity??? He's certainly gotten my attention! Meds... heh heh

T. Murray said...

Hillarious! it's good to see anotha sista talking about Joaquin. I loved that man in Gladiator and back during his Prada modeling days but he needs to get it togetha!

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Anonymous said...

I still want to know what Juaquin is smoking. And yes, he IS a JOKE! It is what it is!

Anonymous said...

RAP ARTIST??? That's like a mailman wanting to be a rocket scientist!!!PULEEEZE.


Where is Supa Sister?! You back in that crack alley? Oh no Supa Sister!